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Help your teachers engage each student as an individual
to improve learning outcomes

itslearning provides a unique set of tools to help teachers engage all students with customized assignments and multimedia content aligned with learning objectives.

  • The Course Planner makes it easy for teachers to structure flexible, media-rich courses that connect learning to students’ personal interests and learning objectives, and provide for branched curriculum choices to keep learners engaged and motivated.
  • The built-in Assessment tools provide an easy and fast means to deliver the formative assessments needed to understand student strengths, weaknesses and interests, and to act on them.
  • Video conferencing, Web 2.0 integration and multi-media tools allow teachers to use simulations and multimedia to convey difficult concepts and activities, take virtual field trips, and demonstrate the relevance of material being taught by showing practical real-world applications.
  • Individual Learning Plans makes it easy to address academic, behavioral and social needs to provide students with a clear focus on what they need to do to achieve success. Teachers, guidance counselors, specialists, administrators, parents, mentors and the students themselves can all see the situation in real time to catalyze conversations and actions to drive success.
  • Group discussions offer all students a tool to safely and actively participate in the class.
  • Electronic portfolios provide a place for students to demonstrate their thinking and achievements over time using a variety of multi-media tools.