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How can educators practice assessment for learning, or formative assessment, to increase student achievement?

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Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning occurs when teachers use evidence of student learning to adapt instruction according to student need.

Adapt teaching to student needs

with frequent checks for understanding using surveys and polls

Clearly define success criteria with rubrics

and link these to assignments so students can easily access and understand learning objectives

Written, audio and video feedback

options let teachers and peer assessors provide specific, constructive, actionable feedback using preferred learning styles to move learners forward

Empower students to become creators

of content, tests or surveys using groups and permissions

Help students reach their learning goals

When students are given clear learning targets, frequent, meaningful feedback, and opportunities for self- and peer-assessment, achievement soars. With itslearning, teachers have access to a variety of features that allow them to adapt teaching according to student need, and advance learners through their learning journey.

Encourage students to own their learning

By giving students the opportunity for self-assessment, you are allowing them to take responsibility and ownership of their learning, making it more meaningful, and increasing engagement. Blogs and ePortfolios in itslearning allow students to reflect on their learning and motivate them to reach their learning goals.

Activate students as teaching resources

Facilitate collaborative learning opportunities such as project-based group work, and peer assessment that allow students to learn from each other. Blogs and discussion boards support peer assessment, and options to adapt paper-based activities, such as recording data, to online assignments help make collaborative work more efficient and trackable.

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