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Course Administrator Certification

Program Description:

This program builds teacher competence in the basic features of itslearning such as creating a course, adding content to a course, adding discussion, polls and assessments. Participants will also explore innovative features within itslearning such as integrating Web 2.0 elements and video communication. The program can be customized to the participants' classroom objectives.

Topics Include:

  • Basic Functionality Including Assignments, Discussions, Assessments, Lessons and ProjectsPlanning and Organizing Courses - the Dashboard, Planner, Learning Objectives and the Grade Book Course Settings and Permissions


Audience: Classroom Teachers

Participants will learn how to populate, configure and maintain courses and content using the itslearning platfor.


Duration: Half Day or Full Day


Delivery Method: Onsite or Online

Best Practices for Curriculum Planning and Performance Tracking

Training on the curriculum planning tool and the assessment tools in the itslearning platform.

Best Practices for Curriculum Planning and Performance Tracking

Program Description:

itslearning provides powerful tools that can help make the connection between curriculum planning and classroom practice. We will explore the Planner Tool which lets you plan courses and link all materials to learning objectives. We will also explore the Test Tool and Gradebook which make it easy to create a variety of formative assessments to inform instruction. In addition, we will explore the capabilities of the ePortfolio tool which allows students to collect their best work including blogs, videos, sound file and other digital resources.

Topics Include:

  • Curriculum Planning with the Planner Tool
  • Creating Assessments for Learning
  • Using the Gradebook and ePortfolio Tools to Track Student Achievement
  • Creating Reports on Individual and Group Performance


Classroom Teachers and Curriculum Coordinators


Participants will learn how to plan their curriculum inside itslearning and connect their plan to course element and learning objectives. They will also learn how to create assignments with 10 different question types and track student performance in the Gradebook or ePortfolio.


Full Day

Delivery Method: