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“I’ve found itslearning to be the doorway. This is what has truly gotten me into blended learning … It’s changed the way I teach.”

John Leighton, social studies teacher, Franklin High School (MA)

See blended learning in action

itslearning supports
Blended Learning

Create adaptive, personalized learning experiences through the right mix of face-to-face and online instruction.

A safe online learning environment

itslearning allows students to safely access all course materials in one controlled location, with one login.

Blogs and ePortfolios

Support online journal reviews and other reflective activities.

Online Discussion Boards

Built to increase student collaboration (after-school test reviews, peer assessments).

24/7 Access, Anywhere, Any Device

All on one platform, students have all they need at their fingertips.

Strengthen the home-school connection

Ensure that parents stay updated on student progress, upcoming assignments and class announcements with itslearning's Parent Portal. With a single login, parents can view data for all of their children, staying in close communication with the teacher to ensure students are moving forward. And, since the parent dashboard is automatically updated, teachers don't have to spend valuable time communicating the same information multiple times.

Boost teacher productivity

With itslearning, teachers can develop template courses that can be shared with other teachers to save valuable time in lesson planning, as well as share keyword-searchable, standards-tagged resources using the learning object repository. Online gradebook integrates with student information systems for more efficient grading and workflows.

Free up time for personalized interactions

Blended learning makes it possible to review online materials outside of class, freeing up teachers to provide more personalized instruction while in the classroom – a concept known as the flipped classroom. Teachers can record videos in itslearning with the click of a button, adding surveys, polls or assessments to encourage active participation.

Support career and college readiness

itslearning makes it easier to teach and reinforce the Four C's that are at the heart of Common Core Standards. Encourage creativity by allowing students to develop not only multi-media rich assignments, but surveys, polls, rubrics and even tests. Groups, discussion boards, text chats and video conferencing capabilities support project-based learning, while facilitating communication and collaboration. With choices for where, what and how to learn, students employ critical thinking skills that are essential for today's global economy.

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