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Blended Learning

Learning shouldn't be confined to activities that take place in a classroom between the hours of 8 AM - 3 PM. Opportunities for extending learning beyond the classroom have proven tremendously effective in increasing student engagement and achievement. Explore how itslearning can support you in blending learning for all of your students!


New to blended learning? Learn more about the topic and more importantly, how it can help you increase student achievement in your classroom. 

  What is blended learning?

  Blended learning models

  How to adapt 10 common offline
  activities for a better blended
     learning classroom

Blended Learning in Action

Blended Learning Whitepaper


Learn more about the benefits of combining physical and online teaching in our newly developed white paper, 'The Blended Classroom.'

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See how schools and teachers are improving education with blended learning. 


  The flex model

At the Maria Primary School in the Netherlands, students decide what they study and create videos to show what they’ve learnt.


  Flipped classroom

Elisabeth Engum at Bjørgvin Secondary School records herself explaining a maths concept for her students and posts the video on itslearning.

  The perfect blend

At AHAB-Akademie, physical education and fitness instructor Nicola Goltz shows that even her subject can be taught remotely.