itslearning supports
Communication & Collaboration

A better way to connect teachers, students, parents, administrators and mentors.

Blogs, discussion boards and groups

help students stay connected with each other and with teachers, all within a secure learning environment

Text, audio and video feedback

options allow teachers to provide feedback on assignments or assessments in students’ preferred learning styles

Online video and text conferences

extend the learning day by allowing for interactions outside of the classroom

Parent Portal

keeps parents updated regarding upcoming assignments, student progress and class announcements

Communicate learning objectives, educate parents

Provide students with clear learning objectives, comment on individual learning criteria, and educate parents about why students have been assigned a particular project by using rubrics. Learning objectives progress and other reports keep all stakeholders updated on student progress and motivate students to keep moving forward toward their learning goals.

Build essential skills, lasting connections

In order to compete in a global society, students must not only master academic subjects, but know how to work and communicate well with others. Essential 21st century skills and the foundation of Common Core standards, these skills aren't always easy to weave in throughout the curriculum. Thankfully, itslearning includes a wealth of tools to build these competencies, as well as ways to strengthen the home-school connection and teacher collaboration.

Share lessons and best practices

Template courses save preparation hours and promote best practices through sharing of course materials, including content, assessment and rubrics. Learning object repository saves teachers time by allowing them to share keyword-searchable resources tagged to standards.

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