Competency-Based Modules

Learn how to develop, customize and manage itslearning courses.

Our services blend online and face-to-face instruction to optimize each participant’s experience in a blended learning environment. We build media-rich, interactive courses in your site, allowing your staff to easily access and reuse training materials.

Level 1: Course Basics

To master the basic functions of the itslearning platform, users will:

  • Navigate the interface
  • Customize personal settings
  • Create and customize a course
  • Add standards to a course
  • Setup and utilize the planner
  • Utilize the rich text editor and embed media
  • Add participants to a course

Level 2: Beyond Basics

In Level 2, users will:

  • Add resources effectively to a course, including files, links, pages, notes
  • Add tasks effectively to a course, including tests, assignments, custom
    activities and surveys
  • Add activities effectively to a course, including conferences, discussions,
    registrations, LTI links
  • Customize the course dashboard
  • Edit and activate/deactivate content

Level 3: Advanced Features

In this course, users will:

  • Understand the flow between teacher, student and parent
  • Learn how to grade and assess assignments
  • Setup and utilize the grade book
  • Explore and track standards mastery
  • Setup and share criteria based assessments (rubrics)
  • Use the library to search for and add content to a course
  • Share content to a library
  • Utilize the calendar

Level 4: Personalization and Differentiation

Once users have mastered the advanced features of the platform, they will explore how to use the platform for personalization and differentiation. Users will:

  • Learn how to group participants for differentiation
  • Explore permissions
  • Investigate blogs, eportfolios and individual learning plans
  • Incorporate strategies to maximize student engagement, collaboration, and creativity

Level 5: Train the Trainer

When users have successfully mastered the first four competency levels, they may take part in a train the trainer module. It is in this session that users will:

  • Learn how to create master courses based on a template
  • Train users within the itslearning platform
  • Utilize itslearning resources for redelivery
  • Explore administrative functions as it relates to mentoring and training new users
  • Explore solutions and build capacity for successful user adoption and implementation
  • Develop resources for successful use by students and parents

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