Focus on Pedagogy

itslearning provides tools to support a variety of teaching strategies, including: backward design, Universal Design for Learning, project-based learning, flipped learning and blended learning. The platform also supports assessment for learning, standards-based learning and competency-based learning.


itslearning gives teachers easy ways to update students, including posting bulletins, sending messages to groups or individuals, and providing students with a task list in order of due date. Teachers can use the planner to communicate expectations and learning objectives, provide content in multiple media formats, and schedule events using the course’s calendar.


With the planner, teachers can align units, lessons, resources and assessments to standards; access shared resources in the Library; and customize fields to match curriculum strategies. The planner helps keep students organized with automatic updates, and may be linked to a smartphone calendar for easy accessibility. Teachers can plan while ensuring that lessons are not visible to students, as well as share the planner on external websites.


With itslearning, teachers can align assessments to standards, create assignments with standards-aligned rubrics, and give students concrete, actionable feedback by standards via text, audio or video.

Teachers can also import questions using QTI standard format, or create tests with a choice of 10 question types, including: true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, open answer, fill in the blank, select from a list, matching, sorting and hot spot/click the picture. Assessments can include audio, video and images, and teachers can allow re-takes, as well as track and assess offline work.

Standards mastery for every student

Engaging every student while ensuring that lessons are aligned to standards is a monumental task. Fortunately, with itslearning, teachers can provide voice and choice, personalization, facilitate collaboration, and help students progress toward mastery – all without leaving the platform.

Support the 4 C’s

Flexible tools allow students to create and analyze – not just consume. Students can also collaborate in group folders or in communities.


Teachers can personalize instruction by assigning resources or activities to individuals or groups; analyzing performance by standard; using the recommendation engine to give students personalized tasks; and allowing students to create, co-teach, peer assess and analyze results.

Teachers can also give students a voice in the classroom through surveys and discussion boards, as well as choice in how they demonstrate understanding of concepts or learning objectives.


With itslearning, users can share resources through their personal, school, district or global Library, share rubrics aligned to standards, co-author with other teachers and staff, and tag to standards or other meta-tags. They can also create copies of resources, collaborate in shared resource courses, and follow an author.

Choice of Device

Responsive design allows full functionality of itslearning on any device, including tablets and smartphones, while the mobile app for iOS and Android allows for instant communication and notifications.

“The itslearning planner allows us to develop units of studies, push them to teachers with traditional and blended learning resources that reflect the identified standards, and align learning objects to these standards so that personalized learning can occur.”
-Martha Barwick, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Harford County Public Schools, MD

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