Effective Blended Learning

Blending online and in-class teaching for student success.

How blended learning is changing the role of today's teachers

What is blended learning, and what can we learn from the successful models that have been implemented in schools? Explore the importance of an overall school vision, the changing role of the teacher and suggestions for selecting digital content. Discover the different models of blended learning such as flipped classroom, rotation, lab and flex. Get tips and strategies that you can incorporate into your classroom wherever you are on your online learning journey.

Topics Include:

  • Blended Learning Models
  • Changing Role of the Teacher
  • Tips and Strategies for Selecting Digital Content

Classroom Teachers and Administrators

Outcomes: Participants will gain an understanding of different blended learning models and gain tips and strategies for incorporating them into their teaching.

Duration: Full Day

Delivery Method: Onsite

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