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Re-imagining the Learning Process

Our digital learning environment is packed full of transformative yet easy to use functions that make a very real difference to teachers and learners.

Personalized Learning for Students

  • Author/Create: Students create text, multimedia content, and embed Web 2.0 content in their assignments, assessments and discussions.
  • Projects: All users, including students, can create projects around courses, topics, etc. and invite other users to join and participate. Rubric-based and traditional grading.
  • Individual Learning Plan: A student’s behavioral, social and academic objectives brought together for action, reflection and feedback.
  • Progress Reporting: Students can always see their progress against assignments, projects and their Individual Learning Plan, as can their parents, teachers and mentor.
  • Mentoring programs: Volunteers from the community recruited, trained and supervised students following itslearning’s program guidelines to support individual students through their Individual Learning Plans.
  • Planner: A tool for teachers or school administrators to design courses and integrate high quality materials into course structures. Supports branching to provide remedial and advanced material to appropriate students.
  • Accessible course structure: Students can always see where they are in the context of their course of study.
  • ePortfolio: A collection of private and assessment portfolios for reflective learning.
  • Design: Students and instructors select from a range of “skins” to choose their own look and feel for their ePortfolio.
  • Working Portfolio: Students collect and organize all of their work.
  • Assessment Portfolio: Student work collected and retained for later reference; user controlled access for parents, mentors and others.
  • Progress Reports: Students provided with clear reports about their progress against expectations.
  • Homepage: All users can create their own personal web pages.
  • Blog: Students create a personal learning blog: an ongoing commentary and discussion among readers to further their learning process.
  • About Me: Students can create their online identity and profile.
  • Personal Dashboard: All system users create customized dashboards including all of the information they need on a regular basis. Supports the easy integration of Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and other Web 2.0 applications.


Itslearning provides real-time data reporting for the following standard reports

  • Attendance in a variety of timelines by student, by class
  • Online Usage and activities by student by class
  • Work Completion Reporting by student by class
  • Student Progress – personal and class roll up summaries
  • Discussion participation by student by class
  • Assignment Submission Tracking Performance by student, by class
  • Assignment outcomes by student, by class
  • Assessment Outcomes (Grade Book) by student, by class
  • Test Performance Analysis by class
  • Question Statistics on Tests by question by class
  • Individual Test Results with instructor feedback and question summaries for each test submission
  • Plagiarism reports by assignment complete with a source comparison and percentage ranking by assignment

Additionally, the system supplies spreadsheets showing individual learning and curriculum plans with integrated learning outcomes presented which tie directly to supporting learning elements.

Innovative Content Flexibility

  • Multimedia Rich Lessons: Easily create lessons with images, audio and video elements that you can share with other educators.
  • Web 2.0: Use Google, YouTube, Google Maps, Flickr, Delicious, Meebo rooms, Springwidget RSS, Slideshare, TeacherTube, SchoolTube, Odeo, VideoJug, SchoolTV and many more Web 2.0 applications easily from within itslearning.
  • Formula Editor: Powerful equation editor from WebEq.
  • Bulletin Board: Provides news and messages in your course, in your school, or across your organization.
  • Join Any Course Anywhere: (AICC) Connect to external AICC courses including other Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) from around the world or invite others into your course.
  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004 Support: International standards for content; allows course exporting and importing.
  • Integrate Publisher Content: itslearning has relationships with a variety of publishers through its Diglib integration so that you can use licensed digital content seamlessly with teacher-created and open source materials.
  • Content Partners: Available free and commercial content from a range of vendors.
  • Advanced Search and File Management: Search by keyword for content. Upload and transfer files; view all available file types; make files available for specific courses.
  • Course Archive: Archive old courses for later reuse or access.

Next Generation Collaboration

  • Global Community: Share course material with other educators in North America and Europe, and invite educators and students from other schools to join your projects.
  • Sound and Video Recorders: Record audio and video directly from the editor in itslearning and share your thoughts in lessons, assignments, discussions and other forums.
  • Text Chat/Video Conferences: Instantly hold real-time discussions with text, audio and video.
    Direct Edit: Collaboratively edit Office documents (and more) directly from the editor in itslearning and share with teachers and others.
  • Collaborative Writing: Users can submit working drafts for comments from teachers and classmates.
  • Library 2.0: Share your materials and collaborate with all itslearning users globally.
  • Discussions: Use discussions to create a structured debate. Instructors can grade discussion contributions.
  • Survey: Use surveys to collect information from different user groups, share the results and spark discussion.
  • Secure Messaging/Email: Powerful internal system plus integration with POP and IMAP email clients.
  • Contacts: Your personal contacts.
  • Calendar: List and manage your personal and school-related activities. Automatically populated by school activities and deadlines.

Formative Assessment and Reporting

  • Learning Objectives: The system can be pre-loaded with school, district and/or state standards which can then be integrated into lesson planning.
  • Progress Reports: Report achievement against learning objectives, course completion, assignments, tests, etc. also offers detailed status through Individual Learning Plans.
  • Test Tool: A wide range of traditional and multi-media interactive question types; self-graded with real-time and after the fact feedback.
  • Assignments: Open tasks, essays, etc. can be issued to individuals or groups with deadlines, grading rubrics and feedback.
  • Plagiarism Control: Integrated module that checks for plagiarism and reports to the Instructor.
  • Grade Book: Student grades and assessments scored automatically or by instructors, and collected in grade book for access from any web browser.
  • Parent Access (for K-12): Allows parents and guardians access to itslearning to follow their children’s progress.
  • Wiki: Cooperative, wiki-influenced writing tool with possibility for individual assessment.
  • Exam: Online exams in a secure environment.

Highly Customized Environment

  • Itslearning mobile: itslearning’s 3rd generation mobile platform designed for mobile phones and PDAs.
  • Early Learner Interface: Designed as a highly user-friendly interface; simple and easy layout caters to younger students in primary grades.
  • Intermediate Interface: Tailored for learners who are too young for the Standard itslearning Interface and too mature for the Early Learner Interface. Also effective for elderly learners.
  • Standard Interface: Easy to use, highly customizable and intuitive user interface.
  • Customized Page Layout: Institutional logos, colors, images and backgrounds can be applied to make your site your own.
  • Accessibility: itslearning supports disabled users following the guidelines in Section 508.
  • Alerts: Subscribe to SMS or Email alerts for new assignments or news bulletins.
  • User Profiles: Add and edit user profiles to customize content and services for specific user groups.
  • Languages: Support for a wide variety of North American and European languages defined at the school, group, or individual level.
  • Favorites: Easily access favorite courses and content from your main page.
  • Task List: Shown on the main page as a reminder tool.

Integration, Services, and Support

  • SIS and MIS Integration Services: itslearning offers dynamic integration with school and college SIS/MIS systems across a range of different formats.
  • Single Sign-On: Integrate a range of authentication protocols including LDAP, SAMP, etc. with itslearning and other tools like lecture capture and clickers.
  • Sharepoint Web Parts: Courses, projects, and messages from itslearning viewable from Sharepoint.
  • Grade Book Exports: Grades from the grade book can be exported to other systems.
  • Plug-In Any Tool: External IMS-compliant tools can be added through Proxy Tools.
  • Software Developers Kit (SDK): A fully supported Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows new applications to be created for itslearning by clients.
  • Free Upgrades: itslearning is seamlessly updated multiple times each year ensuring that all users are up to date with latest versions.