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Flipped Classroom

“Flipping the classroom” is a pedagogical concept that replaces the standard lecture-in-class format with an opportunity to explore concepts and to review materials from outside of class. This can happen in many forms, but the underlying premise is that students review information outside of class and, instead of simply receiving information from the instructor, come prepared to discuss concepts.

Use itslearning to flip your classroom by leveraging functionality such as recording and embedding video in real time to maximize learning outside the classroom and therefore increase your interactions within the classroom. 

This flipped classroom concept is simple: students study the theory outside of class and use classroom time to put their newly gained knowledge into practice. You can deliver flipped classroom teaching to your students by creating/embedding videos, animations and other resources and adding them to the relevant itslearningcourse.

The videos can even be embedded into a test and students must answer one or two questions after watching the video. The student will then receive immediate feedback on whether they have understood the content or whether they need to revisit it. This technique also means teachers can see which areas have caused problems for students and prepare lesson delivery accordingly. Teachers can also track which students have watched or read the materials and which have not.

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