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"Forsyth County school system streamlines online learning plan"

"FORSYTH COUNTY — As temperatures start to drop and colors take shape on trees, the general consensus among Forsyth County school system officials is not if — but when — the district will have an inclement weather day.

And when school does close due to snow or ice or just extreme cold, teachers and students will have more streamlined and updated expectations for itslearning, the online learning portal that was pioneered districtwide last winter.

After gathering and analyzing feedback from school administration, teachers, students and parents, the changes made to the plan were aimed at making assignments easier to find, with a workload resembling an actual school day.

“This prepares them for the work world because there the expectations are the same if you’re working remotely,” said Tom Cleveland, District 3 Board of Education member. “You can do it everywhere because it’s all the same, regardless of where you’re doing it from.”

itslearning was used for the first time last winter when inclement weather days were not included in the school calendar. Instead of making up days at the end of the year or during a flex day, students were asked to complete assignments that were posted online."

Read the original article by Kayla Robbins on Forsyth County News's website 

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