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Integration Services

When it comes to integration and implementation, rarely does "one size fit all!' That’s why we start by learning more about your goals and objectives, existing technologies, and requirements before we make a single recommendation.

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Standard Integration Services

The best implementations work seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure to ensure simple maintenance and a 'best in class' user experience. 

Ask us about:

  • User provisioning
  • Single Sign-On and Authentication
  • Export Toolkit
  • Organization API
  • Migration Services

Key Benefits

The benefits of a successful integration are numerous and well documented.

Key benefits include:

  • Increase user adoption
  • Centralize access to content and resources
  • Deliver seamless, automatic two-way data exchange
  • Streamline access to adopted platforms via single sign-on
  • Reduce labor costs

Spotlight on Success - Reynoldsburg City Schools, OH

Like most districts, Reynoldsburg City Schools in Ohio has a variety of adopted hardware and software technologies being used by teachers, students, and parents. And while it hasn't always been easy to make these systems work together, the district has made integration a top priority for the 2013-2014 school year. A key initiative in support of this goal has been the successful integration between Pearson's PowerSchool, Reynoldsburg's Student Information System (SIS) and itslearning, the district's adopted Learning Management System (LMS). Will Kerr, Technology Director at Reynoldsburg City Schools, cites the integration between the two systems as a key contributor to high adoption rates throughout the district.

“Now that we have PowerSchool syncing with itslearning, we have leapt one of the hurdles that would have otherwise held back our initiative to scale blended learning. Not only has the synchronization alleviated the management burden, but the automation of teachers, courses, and enrollment has become a catalyst for adoption," says Kerr.

itslearning's open Application Programming Interface (API) allows almost anyone, from individual schools to external educational IT providers, to create apps, learning programs and additional functionality for the platform. These can be created solely for schools or districts or made available to any itslearning users. In the case of Reynoldsburg, itslearning worked with Pearson and the school district to achieve the seamless integration between the two platforms they now enjoy and the results have been outstanding.

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