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Interoperability at Houston ISD Using itslearning

How does Houston ISD integrate digital content from so many sources? Content from ABC Clio, Knovation, NBC Learn, and various publishers is searchable by keywords in Houston's HUB powered by itslearning. Read L. Beatriz Arnillas's article on EdSurge about open source interoperability and how to enable personalized learning while cutting costs and reducing the need for multiple logins.

Beatriz notes that, "We decided that our TLP [Teaching and Learning Platform] had to be IMS Global conformance-certified. itslearning, the separate product we selected to be our Houston “HUB,” was a platform certified for IMS Global standards, and itslearning made a commitment to work with us to make sure that we connected users to all the content we needed."

View the original article on - "School Infrastructure: How Houston ISD Is Winning By Insisting That Its Data Systems Truly Work Together"

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