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itslearning Circles is a cloud-based community of practice for educators interested in exploring topics like blended learning environments and assessment for learning. itslearning Circles provides K-12 educators across the U.S. with a collaborative space to share best practices using itslearning to enhance the teaching and learning environment. Members will be able to access self-paced and video–rich interactive courses, or "Circles” focused on supporting pedagogical and practical application of the platform by teachers, students, parents and school administrators.

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If you are a current itslearning subscriber and interested in providing your teachers and trainers access to Learning Circles, please contact us. If you are new to itslearning and would like to try itslearning Circles, please contact us for a personal demonstration and login credentials.

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Choose from a variety of on-demand professional development videos, available 24 a day, 7 days a week.


Collaborate with like-minded educators from across town or across the globe.

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Share best practice for the use of itslearning, lesson development, technology integration, and more.