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Migration made easy...

Our goal is to provide a process for course improvement during the migration process. itslearning’s conversion team employs the following process when providing course migration services between your existing learning management system and the itslearning platform.

Step I: Project Scoping and Acceptance

  • The conversion team works with you through a data gathering process to identify the source LMS opportunities and limitations as they relate to migration to itslearning.
  • We request that the client provide instructor/designer access to two or three courses that fall under the categories of “hardest” to migrate and “easiest” to migrate, usually dictated by the level and type of course content.
  • A final project Scope of Work is proposed to your for approval.

Step II: Migration Work Begins

  • We appoint a single point of contact for the migration project responsible for ensuring successful content migration, course improvement suggestions and the implementation of approved suggestions..
  • Migration of all course content begins. Testing, Assignments, Discussion Boards, Group areas and any external course link information will be completed using the same structure as used within the source LMS. Course structure and navigation will be maintained in the original format as much as possible.
  • Where possible, we will attempt to mirror naming conventions when we migrate existing course files and content into the it’s learning environment, taking into consideration that some tools and features use different naming conventions. We expect to maintain the same course structure as it appears in your source LMS.

Step III: Sample Review and Approval

  • Once the initial courses have been migrated, we will then work with you to ensure they have been migrated in accordance with client expectations. We will review course content, structure, and it’s learning functionality and navigation to ensure you are comfortable with the layout of the courses within the itslearning platform.
  • If the client requires changes to be made to the courses we will make the changes at this point and ensure that no other migrations will continue until we receive final approval from the client.

Step IV: Migrated Course Review and Refinement

  • We appoint a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to courses for an in-depth review of migrated courses.
  • We also assign internal Q/A resources and provide contact information to ensure that each course migration was completed as specified in these procedures and provide you with a sign-off document outlining all migrated areas and Q/A performed.
  • The itslearning client team shall review and accept the course discrepancies and complete changes by 2 business days prior to project completion.

Step V: Migrated Course Sign off and Knowledge Transfer or Exchange

  • Once edits have been completed, we then verify courses for final approval submission and sign off on the project.
  • Additional Migration Knowledge, Tools and Documentation is provided here, as well as a Knowledge Transfer and Exchange session for the internal team, if desired.