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My Dashboard

Each student can make their dashboard look and feel how they want while receiving all of the events, tasks, assignments and course information relevant to them in one place.

All itslearning users get a personal dashboard where they can add quick links, important notes and much more.

Each user's personal dashboard is unique to them. They are the only person with access to it, and they choose what content is shown and how it looks. Typically, people use their personal dashboard to store important school-related information, such as important notes, files that are relevant to multiple courses, to-do lists and RSS feeds to their favourite blogs.  

Arrange your dashboard as you want

You add content – such as files, images, links, videos and RSS feeds – to your dashboard as content blocks. Then, simply drag the blocks to arrange them as you want on the page. Editing content is simple, too. For example, to add a new item to your to-do list, just click edit and make the change.