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New apps in the app library

Have you tried our new word quiz games yet? In February we launched two new and free educational apps that have received good feedback from teachers. The games, Hangman and Crossword puzzle, are available from the app library and are easily included in courses in itslearning.

Crossword puzzle

The itslearning crossword builder is designed to reduce the time needed to create a crossword to an absolute minimum. The teacher simply fills in a form with words and clues after which the app generates a crossword in a split second.

Challenge your students by letting them create their own crosswords. This can double the value of the tool as the students are required to think twice: first when coming up with a keyword and again when providing an explanation for it.


Hangman is based on the traditional pen and pencil game in which one player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters. For each suggested word that does not occur in the word, the other player draws one element of the hanged man stick figure as a tally mark. When the stickman is complete, the guesser loses.

In the itslearning app, if the suggested letter does not occur in the word, a monkey will lose one of his 11 bananas or an elephant will lose one of his 11 body parts. The game is over when the guessing participant guesses the whole word correctly or the monkey has lost all his bananas or the elephant has disappeared.

See how the games work:

itslearning development festival yields creative results

The ideas for the above described apps were born at an internal ‘development festival’ last year in which all of our developers were given free rein for a couple of days and were encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. On the last day the developers presented their work and the two best entries, the Crossword and Hangman apps, were selected for inclusion in the itslearning platform where they are now available for millions of users. We encourage you to host a similar festival in your classroom and let your students get creative within itslearning.

Read more about how the itslearning developers and testers work.

Where do I find the apps?

It’s really easy, you just need to go to the App Library, add the apps to your course and start creating games. Read how to add crossword and hangman games in the help.

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