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  • itslearning Named SIIA Education CODiE Award Finalist for Best PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution

    itslearning Earns Prestigious Education Industry Recognition Boston — March 31, 2014 — itslearning (, a leading, cloud-based K-12 digital learning management platform, announced today the platform was named a finalist for the 2014 SIIA Education CODiE Awards for ‘Best PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution.’ The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier award for the software and information industries, and have been recognizing product excellence for 29 years. The awards have over 75 ...

  • Maximize Your Flipped Classroom with These 8 Handy Hints

    In a flipped classroom, students explore concepts and review materials at home so they are better prepared to engage in collaborative and hands-on work while inside the classroom. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, including providing students with video or other materials to review outside of class, as well giving them the opportunity to reflect on what they’ve seen. Use the following hints to help ensure that your students are well prepared for in-class activities such as labs, experim...

  • 10 Quick Ideas for Getting Started with Personalized Learning

    According to education thought leaders Kathleen McClaskey and Barbara Bray, personalized learning occurs when learners take charge of and actively participate in the design of their own learning. “Learners who own their learning are intrinsically motivated to learn and succeed,” state the founders of Personalize Learning on their website. The pair, who developed a chart comparing personalization to differentation and individualization, also believe that “personalizing learning is the key design ...

  • 3 Ways a Learning Platform Can Make You a More Productive Teacher

    On any given day, a teacher may spend a considerable portion of time planning lessons, making copies of paper assignments, distributing and grading, posting and notifying about new assignments, documenting student performance, and a plethora of other activities too numerous to mention. With so much to keep up with, it’s reassuring to know there’s always one place you can go to make sense of it all – your learning platform, or learning management system (LMS). Read on for three top ways your lear...

  • itslearning Creates Cutting-Edge Standards Mastery and Recommendation Engine Tools

    Partnership with Forsyth County Schools Yields Greater Functionality for Connected Learning Boston, MA – March 20, 2014 —itslearning (, the digital learning platform of choice for a growing number of districts, has added new tools that enhance personalized learning, communication and development for administrators, teachers and students. Built through an ongoing partnership with Forsyth County Schools, these new features extend learning opportunities, maximize instructional t...

  • itslearning Named Finalist in 2014 EdTech Digest Awards Program

    Boston — March 12, 2014 — itslearning (, a leading, cloud-based K-12 digital learning management platform, announced today that it has been honored as a “Cool Tool” finalist in the 2014 EdTech Digest Awards program. The distinguished awards program recognizes outstanding solutions and the best and brightest minds in the education and technology sector. The "Cool Tool" Awards recognize the best new, emerging and established technology solutions for education.

  • Assessment for Learning: 5 Key Strategies for Higher Student Achievement

    When students are given clear learning targets, frequent, meaningful feedback, and opportunities for self- and peer-assessment, achievement soars. This is the premise of assessment for learning, or formative assessment, according to veteran educator, researcher and author, Dylan Wiliam. Wiliam states that assessment for learning occurs when teachers use evidence of learning to adapt instruction according to student need.

  • What Every BYOD / BYOT, 1:1 Classroom Needs and Why

    In classrooms where students are empowered to explore their own learning using technology, amazing things can happen. Students discover new ways to demonstrate learning. Classroom communication and collaboration flourish.

  • How ePortfolios Can Prepare K-12 Students for College, and Beyond

    With the Common Core State Standards emphasis on 21st century skills, as well as the expectation that today’s workers are technically savvy when they enter the workforce, career and college readiness in the K-12 classroom is more important than ever. One way teachers can prepare students for life after high school is through the use of electronic portfolios, or ePortfolios. In this article, we’ll take a look at what constitutes an ePortfolio, as well as three main ways ePortfolios support career...

  • Staff-to-staff sharing in cyberspace

    Learning platform doubles as conveyor of professional development courses at Affinity Teaching School Alliance A professional development resource page for TSA teachers created in itslearning. As today’s teachers receive fewer centrally led professional development opportunities, schools are getting creative to fill the need. James Brown, Business Development Manager at Affinity Teaching School Alliance, explains how Affinity turned to its learning platform to create a professional developm...

  • Using Minecraft to teach Math Literacy

    You’ve probably heard of the game Minecraft – millions of children around the world play it – but did you know that it can help teach math skills? I didn’t. When my 7-year-old asked me to download Minecraft for him, I checked it out online first, and what I read astounded me.

  • Online tests save students time and money

    Narvik University College (NUC) has an innovative way of catering to its distance students. At NUC all education programs are available online and 40% of its students study remotely. Its digital approach serves as an example for schools investing in remote learning.

  • How 3 R’s Can Help Facilitate Standards Mastery and Personalized Instruction

    If you need a few ideas on how to help your students master the Common Core or state standards, look no further than the letter R. Three to be exact: Rubrics Reporting Remediation By understanding how to leverage each of these elements more effectively, you can provide more personalized instruction to your students, and get them well on their way toward standards-based mastery. 1.

  • How to Strengthen Interactions Between Teachers, Students and Parents

    John Leighton, high school social studies teacher at Franklin High School in Franklin, Mass., recently shared with us his recommendations for how to improve classroom communication and collaboration through online test reviews. Now he's back with his top recommendations for improving interactions between teachers, students and parents. Teacher-Student Give individualized feedback: John uses his district's learning platform to hold online text-based conferences for test reviews.

  • 7 Tips for Improving Communication and Collaboration with Online Test Reviews

    John Leighton’s high school social studies students no longer have to worry about sports or other extracurricular activities getting in the way of their after-school test reviews. Why? Because instead of staying after school to prepare for tomorrow’s test, they have the option to join an online evening test review from the comfort of their own sofas.

  • itslearning: Supporting STEM Initiatives Through Problem Solving and Teamwork

    Many think of Legos as a colorful, childhood toy. However, today, the First Lego League (FLL) is using Legos as a tool to encourage competition, teamwork and problem solving. Through this engineering team challenge, students learn science and technology skills through friendly competition.

  • Teaching real world marketing skills with itslearning

    itslearning asked marketing students at Lambert High School to create ads for an educational magazine. The students did a fantastic job and itslearning staff members were completely blown away! At itslearning we like to communicate with our users, engage them, and learn from them.

  • January Webinars - Software Updates, Professional Learning Communities, and more!

    Upcoming Webinars - Register Today! Professional Learning Communities Made Easy Date: Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 Time: 3:00 PM EST Duration: 30 minutes Description: Life-altering, career changing professional development rarely gets delivered during a two hour workshop on an early release day. “We used to call them hit and run workshops,” says sixth grade teacher Tom Farrels.

  • itslearning opens new office in Atlanta, Georgia

    itslearning, inc. opened its doors for the first time in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, December 18th, 2013, marking a truly historic day for the organization and its employees. With more than a dozen locations throughout the world including London, Paris, and Berlin, Atlanta now joins Boston as the organization's second US-based location.

  • Software update December 2013

    In the last update this year we are happy to introduce usability enhancements for tablets and mobile devices, as well as enhancements to the assignment and test tools, rubric assessment and standards. Read all about the updates below. Improved user experience and responsive web design Saving assignments as drafts and anonymous assessments Test tool and standards assessment Assessment record Course templates and course copying Standards and criteria-based assessments Content recommendation Other ...

  • Year-end letter from itslearning CEO Arne Bergby

    Dear itslearning friends, 2013 has been an exciting year at itslearning. I’d like to share some of the highlights for us as a company and for our users – the teachers, students and parents using itslearning around the world.

  • itslearning highlighted in latest issue of Scholastic Administrator magazine

    Forsyth County School District and itslearning have collaborated to create a state-of-the-art digital learning system that could set the standard for improving education throughout the United States. In the article “Success”, appearing in the latest issue of Scholastic Administrator magazine, itslearning is highlighted for its cooperation with Forsyth County to create what might be “the most comprehensive digital learning system in the country”.

  • Bridging cultural gaps with itslearning

    itslearning is a “revolution for schools”, says Monica Bjelde, winner of our Facebook 2,000 Likes competition! Monica is the lucky recipient of an itslearning backpack, USB stick, water bottle and key chain.

  • Second Graders Explore the 4 C's with itslearning

    This is a tale of two classrooms. Both are second grade classes, both use itslearning, and both discovered creative ways to allow students to express themselves while exploring the different regions of Georgia. Each classroom utilized the four C's as well; creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Misti Burtz's Class: Student-created pages in itslearning My class used itslearning to enhance our Georgia regions unit.

  • Spring (TX) Independent School District Partners with itslearning

    As part of its initiative to provide students with more personalized and blended learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom, the Spring Independent School District (ISD) in Texas has partnered with itslearning ( to provide a digital learning platform. Designed specifically for the K-12 sector, itslearning is a leading, cloud-based learning management system that enables teachers to more effectively differentiate and deliver instruction while engaging today’s “digi...

  • Students cultivate online writing skills in a safe, secure environment

    Teacher Angana Ghate and her Grade 4 class at Shiloh Point Elementary recently completed a blog project using the itslearning blogging tool. Blogs are inherently meant to be public. The purpose is to publicly share ideas and opinions and solicit reader feedback.

  • Digging deeper to improve teaching and learning at Korsloekke

    Personalized learning + itslearning. We are visiting Ole Sjögreen’s math class on a Tuesday afternoon in September. His 17-year-old students are working in groups helping each other solve math problems. Sometimes they ask Ole for help, but only when no one knows the answer.

  • Blended approach simplifies logistics of teaching

    Bahçeşehir University is located in the heart of Istanbul at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. It’s an international university that hosts students from 70 different countries. It promotes intercultural relations and encourages its students to become citizens of the world.

  • The future is now

    The digital classroom creates opportunities to motivate and engage students, says teacher Kjartan Moe Hustvedt. Kjartan teaches 22 fourth graders at Skjold School in southwestern Norway and his classroom is equipped with an Internet connection and a Smartboard. As an active itslearning user and a proponent of e-learning, he sees the advantages of digital learning every day.

  • New frontiers at CLAVIS

    Enriching education offerings with collaborative learning and engaging multimedia content and by tracking student progress and motivation Danish language teacher Anne Boulay says itslearning helps her gauge the effectiveness of her teaching. Danish language school CLAVIS sprog & kompetence went searching for a learning platform because CLAVIS is always in search for the ultimate communication tool. CLAVIS needed a tool that would offer its students the audio and visual aids to support their ...

  • Education researcher to teachers: Use available technology to improve student achievement

    Professor Rune Johan Krumsvik, head of Digital Learning Communities at the University of Bergen. Used properly, technology in schools can help reduce the secondary school drop out rate, one of the biggest challenges facing society today, according to a recent education study. A survey of 17,529 students and 2,579 teachers in Norwegian upper secondary schools shows that using technology such as learning platforms in school increased student prosperity, encouraging them to graduate and thus i...

  • Our Mobile Strategy

    John Arthur Berg, the director of product and marketing at itslearning, provides details about itslearning’s mobile strategy, shedding light on the company’s decision to focus on a responsive design web solution. In September, we introduced improvements to navigating itslearning in mobile view, including a new responsive header and personal menus that adjust to fit mobile screens and home and user icons that collapse the menus. But why did itslearning choose the responsive design route instead o...

  • Quality implementation and training essential to successful learning platform

    When schools adopt a learning platform, no two situations are alike. Teachers and administrators have unique challenges, desires and goals. Some school districts might be looking for a way to implement blended learning while others need a simple system for organizing and distributing teaching materials.

  • Itslearning Names Bailey Mitchell Chief Academic Officer

    Boston — Oct. 29, 2013 — itslearning (, a leading K-12 digital learning management platform, today announced that it has named Bailey Mitchell Chief Academic Officer, effective November 1, 2013. Mitchell joins itslearning from Forsyth (Ga.) County Schools where he served as chief technology and information officer for the past 16 years.

  • Product Release September 2013

    With this release, we see the first important step in our move towards a great user experience on tablets and mobile phones, with the introduction of a new responsive top menu. We are also happy to introduce the Custom Activity, A new course element for tracking activities outside itslearning and several additional enhancements, such as the ability to embed video files from ‘My files’, improvements to the assessment record and the working portfolio, the ability to apply course templates to exist...

  • Spotlight On Success - Lambert High School

    brightcove.createExperiences(); When top performing Georgia school district Forsyth County Schools set out to find a new LMS, they knew the search wouldn’t be easy. Well known for their vision and innovation, Forsyth sought a single platform that would serve as a ‘one stop shop’ for teachers, students, and parents, providing all of the tools they need in one location, with one login, on any device. They wanted an LMS that met the needs of all students, including early learners; one that could tr...

  • Exchanging quality feedback becomes more efficient with itslearning

    Read how Swedish teacher Gabriella Franzén extends her classroom with itslearning. The learning platform allows her to practice formative assessment both in and outside class. It provides her with tools to give students more nuanced feedback and makes it easy for students to send her valuable feedback as well.

  • Paperless in Georgia

    Teacher stays organized by storing all student materials on itslearning.

  • New whitepaper highlights benefits of combining physical/online teaching

    Do the teachers in your school take advantage of the opportunities offered by the blended classroom? Our latest whitepaper shows some concrete examples of teachers who do. We hope you are inspired by their teaching practices. Read more.

  • New school year, new possibilities

    Teachers ready with their marking pens, school hallways once again filled with students and an abundance of new notebooks and freshly-sharpened pencils. These are all sure-fire signs that the new school year is under way. Click here to see what itslearning has in store to support teaching and learning processes in the 2013/14 school year.

  • Standards Mastery and Supplemental Content Tools Available to Help Personalize Learning

    Built in conjunction with Forsyth County Schools, itslearning launches new functionality for connected learning. Plymouth, MA- June 24, 2013- itslearning (, the digital learning platform of choice for teachers, announced today the release of long-awaited functionality to enhance personalized learning and communication and development for administrators, teachers and students. Built through an ongoing partnership with Forsyth County Schools, educators can expect to see new too...

  • itslearning Introduces a National Community of Practice for Blended Learning

    itslearning Circles leverages the collective knowledge of educators to bring innovative best-practices to classrooms across the U.S. Plymouth, MA- June 24, 2013- itslearning (, the digital learning platform of choice for teachers, today announced itslearning Circles, a cloud-based community of practice for educators interested in blended learning environments. Developed in partnership with Forsyth County Schools, itslearning Circles provides K-12 educators across the U.S...

  • Software update June 2013

    Since the update last month we've been diligently working to improve learning objective assessment, grade book functionality, and course copying features. We're also happy to introduce several additional enhancements including the ability to embed audio from ‘My files’ into instructional content and enhancements to ‘My library’. Lastly, we've also removed the frames from itslearning.

  • The Blended Classroom whitepaper

    How can you use opportunities afforded by technology to improve the learning experience? In this post, we give you a sneak peak of our latest whitepaper, which describes the blended classroom concept. The blended classroom is the thoughtful integration of the at-school, at-home and online learning arenas.

  • itslearning supports students and teachers using their own devices

      Kristine Sevik, senior advisor at the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, and Lars-Jacob Hove, head of product management at itslearning, explain the consequences of a newly-released BYOD report for education in general and itslearning users, respectively. The days of students saying ‘the dog ate my homework’ will soon be over. The bring your own device (BYOD) trend currently sweeping schools in Norway and abroad means that more students will soon have 24/7 access to education material...

  • itslearning at ISTE 2013

      Join us at ISTE in San Antonio, Texas, June 23 – 26. The itslearning Booth (#6190) will be bustling with activity throughout the conference and attendees will have an opportunity to: • Participate in a variety of presentations on the main stand throughout the day to learn more about itslearning’s award-winning personalized learning platform. • Visit one of our three ‘Learning Circles’ for one on one, personalized sessions featuring specific topics such as blended learning, flipped cl...

  • Conference visit inspires new education model

    Researcher at itslearning conference: ‘We live in a post-industrialized society with different standards. Standardized education is no longer a norm, either.’ What happens when you invite a mad professor to your conference? First of all, if he likes using social media, which education researcher Gokhan Yucel does, the conference’s Twitter hashtag lights up with responses.

  • Teacher interview: Koos Van ‘t Hul

    This blog post is the latest in our series on how teachers use itslearning. In the series, we hear from teachers who use itslearning actively in their teaching. We pose the same six questions to all teachers, and we are always surprised (and pleased) by the variation in their replies.

  • itslearning, Inc. and LearningStation Announce Strategic Partnership

    itslearning (, the digital learning platform of choice for teachers, today announced its partnership with LearningStation. The two companies have joined forces to offer a comprehensive solution that combines the personalized digital learning platform from itslearning with LearningStation’s assessment platform, Insight. itslearning is a robust platform that offers districts a variety of tools that support professional development, community involvement, curriculum management, ...

  • Software update May 2013

    Starting on May 2, 2013 the second update so far this year contains some long-anticipated features. Based on feedback from users and submissions in our idea portal, we're happy to introduce a new file uploading system as well as the opportunity to copy courses, including content and templates.   The update also includes criteria-based assessment – also known as rubrics – in addition to many other changes and new features.

  • New generation of itslearning users emerges at conference

    A new wave of teachers is invading Norwegian schools – and they're armed with computers running the itslearning learning platform. Teacher Andreas Larsstuen Nordeide is one of them. Nordeide attended the 2013 itslearning User Conference in April to gather as many itslearning tips and tricks as possible to share with his colleagues at Tranevågen lower secondary school.

  • itslearning gets funding boost for product development

    Thanks to an investment from EQT Expansion Capital II, itslearning has additional capital for product development.  EQT Expansion Capital II, a privately-owned investment company, has agreed to invest approximately EUR 40 million in itslearning. The capital will be used to fund new product development – including a solution for mobile phones and tablets – and continue itslearning’s expansion into new markets. According to itslearning CEO Arne Bergby, the investment boost enables itslearning...

  • Going Down-Under for blended learning

    Need a reason to go to Australia this summer? Join me and a host of teaching experts at the VisibleLearningPlus conference in Brisbane in July. How can teachers put visible learning into practice?

  • Student-run blog instills e-safety and grows student confidence

    Ellie overcame her shyness to address a school assembly, Thomas expanded his knowledge of HTML and Grace learned the intricacies of online etiquette. These 10 and 11 year-old students acquired these new skills at school – not in the traditional manner through textbooks and lectures, but through running the school blog. Today, students at Manor Primary School in the UK run the school blog, where they discuss in-class activities, topics they are covering at school and upcoming school events.

  • 4.15.13 BOSTON TRAGEDY


  • itslearning and Forsyth County Schools Join Forces to Enhance LMS Offering

    Forsyth County Schools in Georgia has launched a five-year public/private partnership with the digital learning platform developer, itslearning, to develop Forsyth's instructional framework, Engage Me PLEASE (Personalized Learning Accelerates Standards-Based Education). According to information from the district and itslearning, Engage Me PLEASE is an instructional framework that proposes to connect the data silos that are often created by student information, assessment, and learning ...

  • New apps in the app library

    Have you tried our new word quiz games yet? In February we launched two new and free educational apps that have received good feedback from teachers. The games, Hangman and Crossword puzzle, are available from the app library and are easily included in courses in itslearning.

  • Free assessment for learning webinar from global headquarters

    Our free global webinars have proved popular with teachers and educational professionals world wide. In this latest webinar, Alastair Cameron discusses how teachers can use itslearning to make assessment for learning achievable. Assessment for learning is widely recognised as an important way that teachers can help improve student performance and motivation.

  • itslearning Secures New Funding for Product Development

    Plymouth, Massachusetts – March 25, 2013 – Leading educational software company, itslearning AS (, has received an investment boost from EQT Expansion Capital II. The agreement, signed on the 21st of March 2013, gives itslearning the ability to increase product development and expansion into new markets and makes EQT Capital II the largest investor in the company. Arne Bergby, itslearning Corporate CEO, stated: “I am very pleased to welcome EQT Expansion Capital II to itslear...

  • Media skills in teacher training

    The IKT concept of the educational seminar in Aurich ranked among the top eight entries in the itslearning "Best use of itslearning 2012" competition. Congratulations! Here, we will present the concept used so successfully in the educational seminar.

  • Media skills in teacher training

    The IKT concept of the educational seminar in Aurich ranked among the top eight entries in the itslearning "Best Use of itslearning 2012" competition. Congratulations! Here, we will present the concept used so successfully in the educational seminar.

  • Flipping the classroom with itslearning pages

    Merethe Hollen won second prize in the Best Use of itslearning Awards 2012 for her flipped classroom approach to teaching. While many teachers use itslearning to flip the classroom, Merethe’s use of pages to create interactive learning tools stands her apart. Here, Merethe explains how she flips the classroom and why.

  • The art of teaching independent learning

    Lucy Witham won our Best Use of itslearning Awards 2012 for Genre Blocks, a fantastic idea that encourages students to explore for themselves, share their findings and view what they find on the internet with a critical eye. Lucy is Learning Coordinator and Head of Photography at the Guernsey Grammar & Sixth Form Centre and I spoke to her to find out more about her idea, and what she’s planning on doing with the prize. Helping students broaden their horizons When Lucy began with wh...

  • Software update February 2013

    Starting on February 26, 2013, itslearning will be updated with a number of new and enhanced features. All sites will be upgraded within a week – so don’t worry if you can’t see the changes right away. In the first update this year, we are happy to offer the possibility of integrating third-party software in itslearning as well as a new data analyst tool that takes associative analytics to a whole new level.

  • Launching the new Quick Start Guide for Teachers

    The itslearning Quick Start Guide for Teachers is perfect if you’re starting with itslearning for the first’s also one of our favourite resources. We like to think that itslearning is easy to use. But any new system needs a little getting used to.

  • Technology Marches on in Watertown

    Wicked Local - Technology Marches on in Watertown with itslearning:

  • Forsyth County Schools Announces Partnership for Instructional Framework Development

    THE Journal - Forsyth County Schools Announces Partnership for Instructional Framework Development:

  • Forsyth County Schools Engages itslearning In Five-year Collaborative Partnership

    e School News - Forsyth County Schools Engages itslearning In Five-year Collaborative Partnership

  • itslearning Welcomes Ken Nelson and Travis Willard to Management Team

    itslearning, inc. is pleased to announce two new strategic hires to its management team. Ken Nelson, Chief Customer Officer, and Travis Willard, Chief Operations Officer, will be working alongside Kevin Pawsey to continue itslearning's expansion plans in the U.S.

  • Forsyth County Schools Engages itslearning In Five-year Collaborative Partnership

    itslearning, inc. , the digital learning platform of choice for teachers, today announced that it has partnered with Forsyth County Schools (FCS) in a five-year co-development project. The public/private partnership will leverage Forsyth County Schools’ extensive contribution in educational innovation towards creating engaging and results-oriented learning environments.

  • Teacher goes online, improves learning experience for students

    Teacher Maria Blom says she could not imagine teaching without itslearning. “I would not know how to go back to teaching without it,” said Maria, who teaches English and Swedish to Grades 10 -12 at Växjö Fria gymnasium (VFG) in Sweden. Maria has not always been such a big fan of online learning.

  • Explosive growth in user adoption at Reynoldsburg

    At Reynoldsburg City Schools in Ohio, USA, school is never out because Reynoldsburg has itslearning, which teachers and students use to keep in touch over the summer. So when the dog days of summer set in, students have the option of doing schoolwork. Students in the school’s advanced placement classes use itslearning to submit book reports and keep in touch with their teachers.

  • Using itslearning as a holiday countdown calendar

    Counting the days until Christmas or another holiday or happening can be a lot of fun, but have you thought about using itslearning as an online countdown calendar? As well as being fun for the students, a countdown calendar can also increase the user adoption. Experiences show that daily postings with small assignments inspire students to log in daily to see what’s new.

  • Light bulb goes on at Millis

    Tech-savvy US school district reaping benefits of itslearning learning platform Millis Public Schools District Technology Director, Grace Magley, says she loves telling the story of how her school transitioned from an open-source platform to itslearning during the Fall of 2011. A true work space for students Soon after the semester started, a math teacher approached Grace, a leader in the field of blended learning, to share feedback from one of his Grade 9 students. “The student said, ‘Last year...

  • itslearning puts learning in focus at Lakeview Academy

    Connie White prefers not use the term '21st century skills', which generally refers to technological skills needed to succeed in tomorrow's workplace. Instead, Connie, the Technology & Learning Director at Lakeview Academy in Gainesville, Georgia, prefers to talk about the concrete skills that make up this umbrella term. Instead, she talks about digital literacy, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and research skills.

  • The developer and the devil's advocate

    Have you ever wondered who actually makes itslearning? Meet Larisa Romanova and Mikael Karlsson – two of the 40 employees comprising itslearning’s engineering department – and get a glimpse of how they work. A native of Russia, Larisa holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Mathematics from Perm State University in Russia, he currently works as a test engineer.

  • Raring to go at Newton

    1,000 Newton students signing on to itslearning this fall Newton Public Schools launched itslearning in September.  In this article, Leo talks about why itslearning was the right choice for Newton, his expectations for the platform and how one aspect of itslearning will open up a world of possibilities – literally. Newton Public Schools, a school district in Massachusetts, USA, has big plans for itslearning. The platform was recently rolled out in the school district.  Before its launc...

  • US Ambassador to Norway visits itslearning headquarters

    US Ambassador to Norway Barry B. White meets with itslearning managers in Norway.  October 17, 2012 - We had the honor of hosting US Ambassador to Norway Barry B. White at our headquarters in Bergen, Norway, this week.

  • iOS 6 means faster uploading for itslearning users

    Using an iPad with itslearning is now a lot easier. Uploading material to itslearning from mobile devices running on iOS is now done with a tap on the screen with the newest version of the operating system. The iOS 6 update, which is now available for download, allows itslearning users to upload media directly from mobile devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, which was not previously possible.

  • Software update October 2012

    In this update we are happy to present a brand new test tool for the early learner interface, as well as offering improved user experience when using the planner, learning objectives iOS-based devices and registrations. New early learner test tool The test tool is now available in the early learner interface. Based on the test tool in the standard version, the early learner test tool has ten question types and a user interface that makes it easy for the junior learners to take test and receive a...

  • MEC, ITSCO, itslearning Collaboration Delivers Online Instructional Resources in Ohio

    New collaboration provides Ohio schools with online resources and professional development for teachers. Plymouth, Massachusetts—October 3, 2012—itslearning, inc. (, the leading K12 digital learning solutions provider, announced today that it has partnered with the Metropolitan Educational Council (MEC) and Instructional Technology Services of Central Ohio (ITSCO) to form a Learning Management System (LMS) consortium for ESC’s and ITC’s in the State of Ohio.

  • What is blended learning?

    Many educators believe that blended learning is the best solution to today's educational challenges. But what is blended learning? Why is it important?

  • New test tool for early learners

    A test tool adapted for the youngest learners has been a high ranking request in our idea portal. We are now happy to introduce a brand new test tool for the early learners. A simplified version of the standard itslearning test tool, the early learner test tool has ten question types and possibilities for automatic assessment.

  • The flipped classroom

    When video recordings of teacher lectures are watched at home and homework is done at school, skepticism can ensue. Here, the argument is made for why precisely this can be a good strategy and how to proceed in order to achieve the best-possible results. By Elisabeth Engum (This article was originally published in Norwegian magazine Bedre skole No.

  • Mexican school chooses itslearning

    Teachers and management at Liceo de Monterrey, a boys-only private school in Monterrey, Mexico, were not satisfied with their learning platform. They used the platform to post student documents or to arrange a few online exams. It had not been updated for five years because updating was costly and time consuming.

  • Wonderful Wales

    Flint High School first Welsh school to use itslearning. Things move quickly at Flint High School. About Flint High School The school, which is located in Flint, Wales, has 750 students in years 7 to 13.

  • Creating good courses in itslearning

    Courses are one of the most frequently used features in itslearning. But how do you create great courses for your students? Use the tree structure less often and the dashboard more often, says Janniche Øyen, itslearning's usability expert.

  • Wayland Teachers Share Best Practices and Resources

    Plymouth, Massachusetts – Wayland Public Schools is committed to the effective integration and meaningful use of instructional and information technologies to support, enrich, and extend student learning throughout the curriculum. In addition, a 1:1 initiative at the high school had them evaluating ways they could explore multiple learning strategies such as blended learning, flipped classrooms and online courses and content. The result was the selection of itslearning as their digital learning ...

  • Software update August 2012

    itslearning has been updated with a small update that addresses the drop-down list on the login page and the grade book. Grade book When hovering cells in the grade book teachers can no longer see the basis for assessment comment. It’s still possible to see it in the Excel export, external export and single student view.

  • Software update June 2012

    In this update we are pleased to introduce a new integration between the calendar and the planner, as well as some other minor updates and corrections. 'Projects' are now 'communities' To better identify functionality, 'project' has been renamed to 'community' for users that have U.S. English as user-interface language.

  • Itslearning Announces Communities Feature at ISTE 2012

    Today itslearning announces the launch of itslearning ‘Communities’ for student and professional learning communities. Designed for the most interactive and dynamic of group work, a community is a designated space equipped with tools and functions to support high level communication and collaboration. Teachers and learners can all use community spaces to share best practices, develop ideas and produce collaborative work based on a specific theme/subject.

  • Microsoft boss says education system must change

    Anthony Salcito grew up in a tough neighborhood in New York City. A self-proclaimed geek, one day he discovered that technology had saved him from gangs, crime and drugs. Technology became a gateway to something better.

  • Blend your classroom

    Blended learning approaches revolutionizing teaching A hot topic in education, blended learning is gaining more and more attention from teachers. As schools adopt learning platforms, teachers want to know how to use them efficiently, and are turning to blended learning approaches for the answer. In this article, itslearning researcher Morten Fahlvik explains blended learning, its benefits and applications.

  • Web cameras give new possibilities in itslearning

    Did you know that you can record video clips in itslearning and include them in the resources you create? Some teachers even allow their students to record teaching videos, and experience shows that the students learn the material better – while having a good time. A year seven form teacher at a primary school in Trondheim municipality, Kay Ronny Dahl has used the video recording function in itslearning with good results as part of a pilot project where the purpose was testing video in different...

  • Change difficult but necessary, says leading education expert

    Apple manager says teachers have to embrace technology in the classroom. Teachers are too busy for technology. They want to use it but then ‘life gets in the way’ and they fall back on old habits, says Stephanie Hamilton, senior manager of strategic education solutions at Apple Inc.

  • Save time with keyboard shortcuts

    Did you know that keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time when working in itslearning? A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys on your keyboard that performs specific tasks or commands, such as pasting, copying and zooming. We give you ten time-saving keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

  • New illustrated story book app for language teachers

    One More Story brings illustrated children’s books to life to help English language learners with pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary and fluency – and of course reading skills – and is now available to all itslearning users through the itslearning App Library. One More Story is an online library of over 60 illustrated children’s books set to music and read aloud by professional story-tellers – and is an ideal teaching aid for English language teachers or teachers of early learners. Developed ...

  • Software update April 2012

    In the second release this year we're happy to introduce a new course tool called 'registrations' that allows teachers to create events their students can register for. We have also focused on improving the planner, video quality and the app library, in addition to many other exciting updates. Whereas in the past we updated all sites simultaneously, we will now start updating groups of sites.

  • Leading the pack in digital didactics

    In June 2011, Bærum municipality in Norway switched from Fronter to itslearning. After just two months the schools were ready to use the new learning platform. But how did they manage to get the system up and running so quickly?

  • Alliance for Education: a single country-wide IT infrastructure for all schools

    Imagine a country where all educational IT can effectively communicate together. When a student moves school, all their information and electronic work will be immediately available at the new school. And if a teacher changes jobs, they would still be able to access their resources and work.

  • Raising attainment with flipped classroom

    Would you have dared to turn the traditional classroom teaching upside down? Teacher Anne Cathrine Gotaas at Sandvika Upper Secondary School in Norway claims there are good alternatives to traditional classroom teaching. She has used 'flipped classroom' in her economy and mathematics classes since 2007, and has since seen a clear rise in student attainment as a result.

  • Greys Education Centre presented with itslearning prize

    50 teachers from across the world participated in the Best use of itslearning awards 2011. In the competition, teachers shared uses of itslearning that have shown to increase student achievement. Dee Kerwick-Chrisp was one of the two winners for her use of individual learning plans to improve student behavior.

  • Four ways to improve your students itslearning experience

    Horten videregående skole (Further Education College) is a leading light in Norway’s push to increase the use of IT in schools. In 2009, the College conducted a survey of all students and teachers to find out how it can get the best out of itslearning…here’s what they found out. About Horten Further Education College A Norwegian national demonstration school in the use of IT in education, Horten Further Education College has around 220 teachers and more than 1200 students.

  • Newton Public Schools Expands Digital Learning

    High-Performing Newton Public Schools Expands Digital Learning to Increase Collaboration and Communication Plymouth, Massachusetts - February 28, 2012 – At Newton Public Schools, a suburban school district in the Boston area, student performance is high with 93% of the 2010 graduating class listed as going on to higher education. Ensuring that all students are well prepared for the future, however, calls for continuing to provide the best staff and instructional tools. With the recent adoption o...

  • Reusing and sharing in itslearning

    Most teachers create their own teaching materials every now and again. And when they find something that works, they use it again and again. itslearning can make creating and sharing materials easier than ever before.

  • Best use of itslearning awards 2011: the winners are…

    The Best use of itslearning awards 2011 received nearly 50 entries from across Europe. We’re pleased to announce the two winners, who will both receive an iMac and Canon LEGRIA HF G10 video camera for their school. There were some fantastic ideas, including innovative ways to use video to teach vocational subjects and a great way to motivate language learners.

  • Software update 9 February 2012

    itslearning was updated on 9 February 2012. This time we have focused on improvements that will make life easier for teachers. We have improved the calendar and grade book, enhanced some of the content blocks, released a new version of the editor and much more.

  • Exploring the world with itslearning

    How should schools deal with students that leave class to go abroad – for example on vacation? Is it possible to turn their absence into something positive? Yes, says Marit Spildo, the inventor of an itslearning-based project aimed at students who go abroad for shorter periods of time.

  • YouTube for schools even better in itslearning

    At the end of 2011, YouTube announced something that the educational community had wanted for years: YouTube for schools. A specially filtered YouTube site with thousands of educational content, it has a great deal to offer; but you still need a good learning platform to make sure the videos apply directly to students’ learning. Here are a few ways to do just that.

  • Flipping the classroom with itslearning

    Secondary school teacher Elisabeth Engum from Bergen, Norway, has been described as a prime example of how personal learning environments can contribute to innovative teaching. Inspired by the ideas of the "flipped classroom" she is finding new ways to structure her teaching and motivate students.   Basically, flipping the classroom means to deliver instructional videos online that students can watch outside of class and move the homework into the classroom.

  • Just2Easy’s awarding-winning apps recognised at BETT

    Just2Easy is dedicated to bringing creative tools to the classroom so students can create, share and learn in a safe environment. For the third year running, Just2Easy has made the BETT Awards shortlist – and four of their tools are available as apps inside itslearning with free trials. Just2Easy’s tools are designed to allow students to become creators.

  • Kevin Pawsey appointed as U.S. itslearning president

    itslearning, Inc. appoints new U.S. President as part of aggressive growth plan Kevin Pawsey to lead U.S.

  • The benefits of learning platforms: the students’ perspective

    Recent research of 1,000 students in England reveals what students think of itslearning – and how they like to use it. About Albin Wallace With 30 years of experience in the field of ICT and education in Australia and the UK, Albin holds a firm belief that teachers are the key to achieving sustained ecological change in schools. Since May 2003, he has been Group ICT and e-Learning Director for the United Church Schools Trust and the United Learning Trust, one of the most diverse and success scho...

  • Role-play gives vocational students valuable work experience

    How can you make your vocational training directly applicable to work situations? Anne Brunborg is a nurse by profession and works as a health education teacher at Røyken Upper Secondary School in Norway. To make her nurse training course more practical, she uses itslearning to create a fictional nursing home and uses storyline – a pedagogical method for active learning – to bring life to the teaching.

  • New free Olympics teaching module from Bridgeman Education

    A new free teaching module from Bridgeman Education enables students to explore past Olympic posters, and place them in a historical and artistic content, before creating their own posters for London 2012. Ahead of the London 2012 Olympics, Bridgeman Education has teamed up with The Olympic Museum to launch a free Olympic Games teaching module. The topical, self-contained learning unit helps both teachers and students to explore the history and message of the Olympics in the lead-up to London 20...

  • Software update 17 November 2011

    itslearning was updated on 17 November 2011. This time we've updated the look and feel, but we've got other news as well. In addition to the design refresh, learners and their supervisors can now access important information through the new person profile.

  • ILP: the best feature in itslearning?

    Inger Skjøstad of Arstad School in Hedmark, Norway, was one of the nominees in the Creative use of itslearning category during the Share & use Conference in Sandvika in 2010. She was nominated for her work with individual learning plans (ILPs) for pupils in 5th to 7th grade. "In my opinion the ILP is the best feature in itslearning," says Inger.

  • Digital teaching resources: the future of education?

    A teaching content revolution has begun in the Netherlands that could change the face of teaching across the country. The idea is simple: to make digital content available for all teachers and students via itslearning. The vision is huge: to have a fully plugged in teaching community that gets fresh and current content every day.

  • 5 computer skills a 21st century teacher should have

    Technology is changing the way students learn and teachers work. Here are five skills that every teacher should have in order to be able to prepare today’s students for tomorrow Basic computer literacy You don’t need to be a computer geek, but you do need to be use basic programs (at the very least, Microsoft’s Word, Outlook and PowerPoint). The good news is that most computer programs share common features and icons, which means skills learnt in one program are usually transferable.

  • A passion for assessment

    Research has shown that a systematic approach to assessment for learning can increase learning outcomes for learners, which makes it a priority area in education. We talked to itslearning's assessment expert Inger Alice Andersen about assessment for learning. But first, what is assessment for learning?

  • Maps students' ICT skills with itslearning

    Most students moving from primary to secondary school have diverse backgrounds. Rådalslien School in Bergen, Norway, accepts new students from a range of different primary schools, and experience has shown that their computer skills are varied. The school saw the need for a common introduction to ICT, and teacher Jonny Eriksen was assigned the task of creating a solution.

  • 6 new technologies set to change education

    Which new technologies will have a big impact on education in the next five years? Here are six to watch out for. About the NMC The New Media Consortium (NMC) is an international not-for-profit consortium of learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies.

  • Software update 21 June 2011

    itslearning was updated on 21 June 2011. This time we have improved the handling of multimedia files, and we're happy to introduce a brand new content block for notifying you about new and updated elements in your courses. In addition we have many more changes we hope you'll find interesting – from planner updates to export of data.

  • Individual teaching: the six models of blended learning

    One of the leading researchers on blended learning, Michael B. Horn from Innosight Institute, has identified six main blended learning models. Will one of these models work in your school?

  • Get the most of the itslearning planner

    A clearly set out and structured course plan is important – not only for teachers and students, but also for parents. In itslearning, teachers can create a plan for each course that keeps all teaching materials associated with the subject in one place. This article gives you some useful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the itslearning planner.

  • 8 reasons education is moving to the cloud

    Cloud computing is basically a way of running your IT without doing all the hard work. And it could be the next big thing in education. Here are eight reasons why educational institutions around the world are shifting to the cloud.

  • Let your students plan the semester

    Many countries have education acts that say students have a right to participate. But how can teachers put this into practice? Kjersti Engelstad Stokke – administrative head of studies and economics teacher at Sandvika Upper Secondary School in Norway – lets her students actively participate when creating semester plans in itslearning.

  • 5 fun and entertaining online videos for teachers

    YouTube is packed with funny and educational videos that you can embed in course pages to use in class. But finding them isn’t easy. Here are a few of the best that we’ve come across.

  • Lesotho teacher believes technology creates better students

    Imagine you're a teacher at a school with 700 students, your class numbers 100 students – and you only have two computers without internet connection. This is the situation Moliehi Sekese and her colleagues face daily. But they make the most of the resources they have, because they know that education is the key to a better future.

  • How can I cope without my funding?

    How can educational institutions do more with less money? And how can they use technology to better prepare their students in the 21st century? In a recent webinar, award-winning ICT evangelist, author & broadcaster Russell Prue showed how educational institutions can use technology to teach students the creative and problem-solving skills they need in the 21st century – without breaking the budget.

  • The new teacher generation uses sound and video

    How can you combine sound and video with itslearning – and how can both teachers and students benefit from using multimedia? In his experience with sound and video, Alexander Aak Eide, a teacher at Skranevatnet School in Norway, has found that using technology not only enhances creativity and interest from a student perspective, but also saves him time. "In itslearning it's just as easy to insert sound and video as it is to write text.

  • Child safety on the internet: How to ensure your student’s eSafety and privacy

    A learning platform gives you a digital environment where students can explore social media without exposing their data to the outside world. But there are still a number of issues you need to consider to ensure your student’s eSafety. 1.

  • itslearning acquires Dutch rival Dactique

    BERGEN: Today, itslearning announced that it will acquire a 51% stake in educational technology provider Dactique. This cooperation will make itslearning the largest learning platform provider in the Netherlands, enabling the company to offer even better service and products to the Dutch educational sector. Norwegian-based educational ICT provider itslearning announced today that it will shortly acquire majority ownership of the Dutch company Dactique.

  • Creativity in itslearning inspires students

    Elin Måge is a Norwegian language teacher at Risenga Secondary School in Asker, Norway, and she's known as an itslearning addict. She updates itslearning on a daily basis, and also makes sure that her colleagues can benefit from what she produces.   "I'm addicted to itslearning," Elin confesses.

  • Three free online tools to enhance your teaching

    Are you interested in new tools to enhance your teaching? Award-winning author and teacher Russell Stannard presents three exciting online tools that can bring new life to your teaching. In a recent webinar, Russell talked about Todaysmeet, Vocaroo and Jing which are all free.

  • 7 out of 10 teachers think the internet could help improve communication with parents

    BERGEN: 71% of teachers feel that a secure internet ‘parent portal’, where parents could see details about their child's schooling, would improve school-to-parent communication, according to a survey of 5805 teachers released today by leading educational ICT provider itslearning. In the survey of teachers in France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the US, 75% of teachers also rated parental engagement as either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ for the success of a child’s education. However, ...

  • The key to successful learning platform implementation

    What’s the best way to judge the success of a learning platform implementation project? According to Global Business Development Manager Trond Skeie, the answer is usage. The best projects get more than 80% of staff and students using the learning platform regularly within a year of implementation, but how do they do it?

  • How to improve teaching in higher education with itslearning

    How can itslearning help lecturers at a university or university college improve their teaching? Tor Haugnes, a historian and lecturer at the BI Norwegian School of Management, has found that itslearning makes teaching more efficient – and improves student results. In higher education, there are often a large number of participants in each course.

  • The BI fast-track: a record-breaking itslearning implementation project

    How long does it take to get started with itslearning? According to Torunn Gjelsvik, itslearning project leader at BI Norwegian School of Management, it’s possible to get more than 20,000 students and staff imported into – and actively using – itslearning in less than 10 months. Before starting with itslearning, teachers and students at BI used two different systems: a self-made tool called Apollon and a commercially available learning platform.

  • How to ensure your students' eSafety and privacy

    itslearning gives you a digital environment where students can explore the opportunities offered by internet without exposing their data to the outside world. But even though the information on itslearning remains within the school, there are still a number of issues you need to consider to ensure your student’s eSafety – and this includes using the privacy and policy features in itslearning. How does it work?

  • 10 things that will be obsolete in education by 2020

    The world is changing and schools need to change with it. Here are ten things that we think will be obsolete by 2020. 1.

  • Product update 24 March 2011

    A new version of itslearning has been released. In this version we've made it easier to change skins for individual users or groups, improved the attendance, assessment, behaviour systems and the planner and much more. Choose different skins for individual users or groups To make sure the itslearning experience is tailored to the individual user, administrators can now decide what skin different people use.

  • itslearning focuses on visual learning and assessment in 2011

    What new features can you expect from itslearning this year? “As a learning platform, the reason itslearning exists is to support educational practice,” says Morten Fahlvik, itslearning’s Market Research Manager. As a result, this year we’re focusing on developing features to help both teachers and learners visualise how learning takes place – and improving our assessment tools.

  • How to create effective individual education plans in itslearning

    Monika SolvigMonika Solvig, a teacher at  Individual learning plans help students better understand and take responsibility for their learning. How can you make them work for your students?

    Teacher Monika Solvig shows how a simple five-step approach empowers her students to take responsibility for, and reflect on, their learning.

  • it's learning acquires InfoStance

    Most educational institutions recognise that it’s learning is an excellent pedagogical tool. Now, with the acquisition of French Learning Management System provider InfoStance, we are developing an LMS that combines pedagogical tools with advanced administration systems.

  • Bay State College Enhances its Online Programs with it's learning

    Burlington, MA – June 9, 2010 – Continuing its mission to provide quality education that prepares students for the workforce and advanced degrees, Bay State College is implementing it’s learning, The Individual Learning Platform™. Through its renewed relationship with EdTek Services, Boston-based Bay State College, gains access to accreditation consulting services and online learning program support as well as the cloud-based it’s learning platform.

  • Young Broadcasters of America Adopts ‘it’s learning’ Platform

    Burlington, MA – June 15, 2010 – The Young Broadcasters of America (YBA), an organization founded to help 10-18 year old students improve their communication skills and confidence both on-air and off-air, is expanding its offerings by integrating it’s learning ─ The Individual Learning Platform™, an online learning platform designed to support individualized and collaborative instruction.

  • The Center for Applied Linguistics Adopts ‘it’s learning’

    Burlington, MA – June 14, 2010 – In order to expand access and collaboration for teacher trainers and the language educators that they serve across the globe, the Center for Applied Linguistic (CAL), a private, nonprofit organization working to improve communication through better understanding of language and culture, is implementing it’s learning The Individual Learning Platform™.

  • Microsoft Joins Forces with it’s learning, inc. to Provide Cloud-Based Apps for Education

    Microsoft logo

    Burlington, MA – May 20, 2010 – Providing better technology for education, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and it’s learning, inc. have entered into a global alliance to integrate their Cloud-based learning solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, it’s learning will use Microsoft’s Live@edu service to provide Outlook Live based collaboration and the Microsoft Office Web Apps suite to K-12 and higher education clients with the its learning platform at no charge.

  • The ComputED Gazette Selects it’s learning as 2010 BESSIE Award Winner

    it's learing wins BESSIE Award 2010

    May, 2010, Burlington, MA, USA – After a comprehensive judging process, The ComputED Gazette chose it’s learning as an award recipient for the 16th Annual Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIE Awards). it’s learning won in the Learning Platform category. “The recognition of our first BESSIE Award suggests that our individual learning platform will have a powerful impact on both teaching and learning
    in American schools,” said Jon Bower, President of it’s learning, inc.

  • APLUS+ Network Association Partners With it’s learning, inc.

    Burlington, MA – May 3, 2010 – In an effort to help its member schools creatively deal with the Californian fiscal crisis, the APLUS+ Network Association has partnered with it’s learning, inc. Member schools will now have access to it’s learning, The Individual Learning Platform™ to help them develop and share resources in a cost-effective way.

  • The Education Alliance Names it’s learning Best LMS

    it's learning best LMS

    Burlington, MA – April 23, 2010 – The Education Alliance, a global higher education consultancy, recently tested it’s learning ( as part of an independent evaluation of learning management systems. According to the report, “it’s learning led the way in faculty and student usability, instructional application, adaptability, and affordability."

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