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  • Mobile Learning and the Student Success Imperative

    mobile learning white paperAs educators realize the power of mobile to increase motivation by offering students more choices in how and when they learn, more and more students are now using mobile devices in their classrooms. Download the new white paper that will help you unleash the power of mobile in your classrooms.

  • Fraser Schools and Genius Hour: Where Student Passions Come to Life!

    Genius hour is class time set aside for children to explore their passions and creativity. Students can choose what they want to learn during a set period of school time. They are challenged to explore a topic and do a project about it to share with the class, school or world.

  • Tips and Tricks: To save time and add a personal touch, make video corrections of student essays!

    Read about one teacher who opens student essays and records her computer screen and voice while discussing her corrections and scrolling through. She then saves the video files and sends them to the students through itslearning.

  • Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. Transitioning from My Big Campus to itslearning

    Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, the largest school district in southern Indiana and the third largest in the state, has selected itslearning as their learning management platform for their district made up of 37 schools.

  • Houston ISD's HUB (itslearning) Launching Districtwide in 2015-2016

    Houston Independent School District’s implementation of itslearning, known as the HUB, will be transitioning from its pilot phase to full district-wide implementation during the 2015–2016 school year. The implementation is part of the district’s larger efforts to digitally transform instruction and integrate technology into content development and classroom instructional practices.

  • THE Journal - "Lightspeed Retires My Big Campus, Encourages Users To Adopt itslearning"

    THE Journal covers our new partnership with My Big Campus (MBC) and Lightspeed Systems. "We've found a way to preserve what our customers love most about MBC and transition them onto a mature, competitively advanced LMS," said Joel Heinrich, Lightspeed Systems CEO. "The powerful combination of the acclaimed itslearning platform, high-quality content migration, and MBC's safety is unparalleled."

  • Software update Q2 2015

    The Q2 update this year includes a new task list for teachers, commenting on course bulletins, and many other enhancements. To provide teachers with an easy overview of updates and tasks, we have introduced a new follow-up list that shows tasks from all favorite courses. The list shows activities with new or updated submissions or if the teacher needs to assess a submitted task.

  • itslearning Welcomes My Big Campus Users

    The My Big Campus (MBC) LMS will soon be retired, but if you’re an MBC user, itslearning has good news. Lightspeed Systems, maker of MBC, has recommended itslearning as their preferred alternative to MBC, and itslearning is offering MBC customers an easy way to make the transition.

  • itslearning and Lightspeed Systems Partner to Transition My Big Campus Customers to itslearning Platform

    Lightspeed Systems is retiring its LMS and has selected the itslearning platform as the preferred alternative for MBC customers. In addition to assisting MBC users as they transition to itslearning’s digital learning environment, the partnership will strive to make a unique K-12 experience by integrating the itslearning platform with Lightspeed Systems.

  • Increase engagement through student-centered learning

    itslearning has released a whitepaper on student-centered learning. Student-centered learning occurs when students are given a voice and choice in their learning and encouraged to gather knowledge themselves. When students are inspired to create rather than consume, teachers become facilitators and guides. This empowers students to take ownership of their learning.

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