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"Students have many different options to present their learning and showcase what they know."

Kathy Carpenter
, principal, Riverwatch Middle School (GA)

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Everything you need to nurture each student’s personal learning journey.

Student Voice

All learners want a chance to share opinions, express themselves and become active participants. itslearning gives students a voice through discussion boards, surveys, communities, blogs, ePortfolios and Individual Learning Plans. Even reserved students can participate by posting comments to a course bulletin.


With itslearning, students can self-reflect and make adjustments to their learning through blogs, ePortfolios and via Individual Learning Plans. ePortfolios can be used for student-led conferences, and can be shared internally and/or publicly to allow students to present work and get feedback.

"I love its versatility. It can suit the needs of our very diverse corporation. We have more ways to individualize learning, we can offer eLearning days, and it is a valuable tool to implement UDL practice."
-Nick Williams, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (IN)

itslearning for Personalization

Each learner is on a personal learning journey. The platform you choose to support that journey must provide a safe environment that encourages students to drive their own learning – in and out of the classroom. With itslearning, students can create, collaborate, communicate and self-reflect, while teachers can use platform features to make learning personal.

Student Choice

Learners want to make choices. With itslearning, students can choose study resources, as well as how they’d like to demonstrate understanding. The lesson planner helps teachers “design to the edges,” bringing together text, video and interactive elements, while giving students their choice of material. A device-agnostic, web-based platform like itslearning also gives students their choice of device, as well as when and where they want to learn.

Personal Feedback on Progress Towards Mastery

It’s challenging for teachers to give personal attention to each student. The interactive assignment rubrics in itslearning allow teachers to give each student concrete, actionable feedback on how well they have mastered each skill or criteria. Feedback can be recorded as audio or video. Students can use this feedback to edit and resubmit until mastery is reached.

Teachers can see how all students are performing according to learning objectives and use the recommendation engine to assign personalized tasks for remediation. Messaging tools also allow teachers to send messages to students who might need a kind word or an extra push.

Let Students Create and Analyze – Not Just Consume

Today’s graduates must master the four C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking. Educators need to provide an environment that allows this learning to happen naturally. All learners want to work on projects where they can explore real-world problems and be inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are studying.

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