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"Students have many different options to present their learning and showcase what they know."

Kathy Carpenter
, principal, Riverwatch Middle School (GA)

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itslearning supports
Personalized Learning

Increase motivation and engagement by empowering students to design learning experiences that are meaningful to them.

Give continuous, meaningful feedback

Providing specific, constructive, actionable feedback in a way that students prefer to communicate will help them reach learning goals faster.

  • Teachers can provide feedback on assignments via text, video or audio
  • Using rubrics, teachers can comment at the overall and individual criteria levels
  • Blog comments or discussion boards allow for teacher-student or peer-to-peer feedback

Personal Dashboard

The itslearning dashboard helps keep students on track with tasks, assignments and due dates.

Empower students to develop goals

Work with students to develop individual learning plans (ILP) to track skills, goals, tasks, reflections and mentor feedback. Students can also define assessment criteria using the rubrics and permissions features in itslearning.

Early Learners

itslearning provides a specially adopted interface for the youngest of learners to customize.

Make real-time decisions based on need

The key to personalized learning is identifying the unique needs of students, and tailoring instruction so that all students have an equal chance to succeed.

  • Use surveys and polls for quick checks of student understanding
  • Get automated content recommendations based on student performance and learning styles

Customizable Interface

Students can personalize their interface with age-appropriate themes, font styles and colors.

Give your students voice and choice

When students have a say in their learning, they become more engaged, and motivated to achieve learning objectives. With itslearning, it's easy to give students choices, like what they want to learn, how to show what they know, and even which colors and styles they want to use for their online learning interface.

Reflective Learning

Students can reflect on learning with blogs, ePortfolios and discussion boards.

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