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Create plans for single lessons, individual learners or entire courses.
Connect individual learning plans to the curriculum.
Match materials to different groups of students.
Map activities against learning objectives and the curriculum.
Store all of your resources in one location.

The learning wheel is continuous – but teachers generally start with planning. Planning is an essential part of teaching and itslearning gives you a number of ways to plan and organize your teaching.

Visual teaching and learning with the learning wheel...

The learning wheel is at the foundation of the itslearning solution. The solution is designed to support every process of teaching and learning and make it visible.  

Visible learning means that both teachers and students experience that learning takes place. When teachers see learning in the classroom, they know what works and can plan the next phase in the learning process. When students see and experience learning, they also know what works and will hopefully use this experience in the future. If the learning is invisible, it is hard for both teachers and students to know what should come next.

Visual teaching occurs when learning is the explicit goal. If the teaching is visible for the students they are more confident as to where they should be heading, and also know how to get there. 

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