Learning for students and teachers - all on one platform

Your district could be losing tens of thousands of dollars simply by holding on to inefficient, ineffective systems – and professional learning platforms are no exception. With itslearning’s next-generation learning platform you can use the same trusted, proven environment to educate both students and teachers – and keep the focus on learning, not on logins.

Let Teachers Learn Where They Teach

Teachers don’t have time to learn how to use yet another platform. Streamline systems with one place for teachers to instruct – and learn.

One Login: Easily transition from teacher to learner without ever leaving the platform – only one login to remember, and no extra licensing fees.

Best Practice Modeling: Model teaching in professional development courses exactly how you expect the teacher to perform in their own classroom, including demonstrating best practices in:

• Assessment for learning
• Flipped/Blended learning
• Collaboration
• Personalized learning
• Competency-based demonstration of mastery 

Higher Adoption: With increased exposure and regular use, teachers are more likely to experience success, and encourage others to do the same.

Less Seat Time, More Mastery

Learning shouldn’t stop at the end of a two hour session. itslearning helps align content to professional standards, and connect outcomes with teacher evaluations, merit pay and pay for performance initiatives.

Standards-Alignment: Align professional development units, lessons, assignments and assessments to professional standards.

Meaningful Feedback: Use standards based rubrics to give feedback to teachers for observations or work submission.

Reinforcement of Concepts: After learning concepts, teachers can apply what they’ve learned in their own classroom, and then submit their activity via video or other format in itslearning to demonstrate mastery.

Develop a Professional Learning Community

Your professional development program isn’t just about creating lessons – it’s about growing a community to help teachers share, interact and make advances in their professional learning paths.

Content Development: Create a community or course to help teachers collaborate when developing content.

Mentoring: Create Individual Learning Plans for teachers to facilitate mentoring.

Self-Refection and Sharing: Set up ePortfolios from within itslearning to encourage sharing, self-refection, or as a way to request feedback.

Community: Create a professional learning community for teachers to grow and develop their skills.

“We not only use itslearning for classroom instruction, but we’ve also created over 100 different courses that address various professional or staff development areas, including onboarding new employees.”
-Mike Jamerson, Director of Technology, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, IN

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