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Professional Development

Having the best learning platform is not enough - you need to be provided with the skills to get started and the tools and knowledge to be able to get the most out of it. We offer a wide variety of courses and workshops to help increase the confidence of teachers and learning platform administrators.

Platform Training

To help schools in creating the best possible implementation of their learning platform at the lowest cost, we offer courses for both platform administrators and teachers.

*Each school is required to have at least one person complete the Administrator training and then pass a certification test in order to receive free technical support. The full day program is divided into two parts System Administrator and Course Administrator training.

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Learning Circles

itslearning Circles is a cloud-based community of practice for educators interested in exploring topics like blended learning environments and assessment for learning. itslearning Circles provides K-12 educators across the U.S. with a collaborative space to share best practices using itslearning to enhance the teaching and learning environment. Members will be able to access self-paced and video–rich interactive courses, or "Circles” focused on supporting pedagogical and practical application of the platform by teachers, students, parents and school administrators.

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How can you help your teachers better help their students?

By simultaneously training them in your teaching methods and in the use of a tool that will make them more productive.

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How can you have a greater impact on your students in less time?

Leverage a true learning platform to better engage your teachers that is the same platform they will use to engage their students.

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How can you learn skills that will help you help your students?

Combine new methods with state-of-the art tools that your students will use to learn with you.

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Tech. Managers

Technology Manager

How can you reduce cost, improve reliability and increase student satisfaction?

By implementing a 10-year proven Software as a Service learning platform.

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