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Real Time Decision Making

itslearning supports teachers in making timely instructional decisions that can positively affect the pace and depth of learning. Varying types of formative assessment are supported along with the tools to allow you to act on the data and give learners the support they need at the time they need it. 

Assess then act accordingly!

Schools and districts have been gathering data for many years, but it hasn’t been until recently that most school district leaders have discovered the power of data for raising standards. Recent advances in technology such as digital learning environments and the increased demand for assessing student learning has led many school administrators to discover that the usefulness of data goes beyond reporting requirements. Today, forward-thinking teachers across the country are employing real-time decision making techniques to ensure that data they collect in their classroom is used to action appropriate interventions that will help the student learn at a more accelerated rate. 

itslearning gives teachers the tools to make real time decisions that can positively affect the rate and depth of learning for every student. Learn about the functions that support this by exploring the menu on the left of this page.