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Software update Q2 2015

The Q2 2015 update includes a new task list for teachers, commenting on course bulletins, and many other enhancements.

New task list for teachers

To provide teachers with an easy overview of updates and tasks, we have introduced a new follow-up list that shows tasks from all favorite courses. The list shows activities with new or updated submissions or if the teacher needs to assess a submitted task. We have also updated the follow-up list in courses.

Students can now comment on course bulletins

As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen itslearning as a communication platform, we now allow course and project participants to comment on bulletin posts. While enabled by default, teachers can disable commenting with a simple click.

Media recordings now work on iOS devices

You can now playback media recorded with the built-in sound and video recorders on iOS devices. Please note that itslearning is unable to playback recordings made prior to this update, but media recorded after this update will work on almost any device.

Category weight in the assessment record revised

Previously, categories in the assessment record were weighted equally by default. Now, if weighting is not selected, each assessment contributes towards the average according to individual assessment weights only.

Custom activities and task lists

Custom activities now appear in task lists regardless of whether a due date has been set.

System messages moved from internal messages to notifications

Historically, we have used the messaging system for sending notifications, alerts and other system-generated messages. The following alerts now appear as personal notifications instead:

  • When a student registers a comment on an absence record (attendance system)
  • Messages about changes to the learning objective repository that may have an impact on a course

Additional field codes for template letters

We have added seven new field codes for use in template letters. See an overview of the codes in the template letter page.

Site course catalog

It’s now possible to filter courses in the site course catalog based on the organization that the course belongs to.

Larger font size

To make itslearning easier to use on larger screens, we have slightly increased the font size on text and headings.

Admin trash can

Administrators can now delete all items in the trash can in one action, and are not limited to a maximum of 100 items in each action. To make it easier to manage larger sites, it's also possible to do a search and then delete the items in the search result.

Parents and guardians visible on profile cards

Learners can now see their parents or guardians in the profile card. Parents/guardians are also visible for staff when they view a learner's profile.

Manage workflow now only for system administrators

The ‘Manage workflow’ user right is now by default only enabled for system administrators.

Discontinued features

The following features have been removed:

  • My dashboard

The following features are scheduled to be removed in the next update:

  • Proxy tools


We’ve also made some corrections and enhancements (pdf file).

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