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itslearning is one of the world's leading learning platforms. Designed specifically for the K-12 sector, it supports students and teachers to be more successful in all aspects of the learning process.


Plan and organise while keeping students organised in their work.

  • Powerful Lesson Planner
  • Curriculum import


Bring your knowledge to life!

  • Digital resources
  • Web 2.0 content


Allow learners to collect, organize, share, discuss and present information.

  • Multiple intelligences
  • Collaborative learning


Adapt teaching to the varying needs of learners through formative assessment and individual learning plans and paths.

  • Powerful assessment tool
  • Peer assessment
  • Online tests


Allow students to reflect on their own learning process.

  • Instant feedback
  • Individual Learning Plans


Provide users with automatically generated reports that quickly and comprehensively show group and individual progress.

  • Plagiarism control
  • Individual reports

Turning Best Practices into Common Practices

Designed specially for the education sector, itslearning gives you the pedagogical tools you need to bring innovative best practices to every classroom. It includes a range of easy to use tools - such as teacher web pages, project pages, digital tests, online discussion forums, blogs and video recorders - that you can use to engage all students and build 21st century skills. itslearning was designed to match the best practices for teaching and learning. The learning wheel is something we constantly refer back to to ensure we are enhancing the process of teaching and learning. Click on the wheels below to learn more about the functions that are designed to support each part of the process.

The itslearning wheel







Why choose itslearning?

  • Pedagogical tools to motivate students in class and at home
  • Cloud-based digital learning environment, available anytime and anywhere
  • Tools for collaboration and resource sharing 
  • Easy-to-use interface for fast user adoption 
  • Simple Web 2.0 integration
  • Guaranteed data security
  • Integration with Student Information Systems
  • Transparent licensing for a low total cost of ownership

Support the Entire K-12 Community

Reviewers who have compared itslearning with traditional learning management systems find it easier to use, more feature rich and more popular with faculty and students.

Teachers report that students who use itslearning engage more deeply in the curriculum, complete more of their work and perform better on outcome tests.

Technology administrators report the system to be robust and reliable. 

Parents enjoy the benefits of having full visibility of their child's progress within school and holistic wellbeing.