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Why Choose Us?

More than 4 million teachers, students, and parents worldwide trust itslearning to provide a personalized learning environment for their schools.

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Our Solution

More than 4 million active users worldwide depend on itslearning to help shape, support, and manage a more personalized learning environment for 21st Century Learners. itslearning – A Passion for Teaching!

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  • Overview

    itslearning is a K-12 learning management system that enables teachers to better facilitate instructional delivery and engage today’s “digitally” wired students. Whether teachers are developing lessons, distributing and collecting assignments, assessing quizzes and tests, or engaging with parents, itslearning supports teaching and learning anytime, anywhere, on any device - all on one platform, in one location, requiring one login.

What’s the best learning platform?

The one that teachers actually use. itslearning is designed for teachers and the way they want to teach.

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The itslearning Mobile App

itslearning mobile app

From teacher feedback to notifications on upcoming tasks and homework,
the itslearning Mobile App delivers students instant updates directly to their smartphones.

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What's in the Box?

itslearning can help your school or district reduce total cost of ownership, consolidate disparate, disconnected platforms and applications, and make life easier for teachers, students, and parents.

One Stop Shop

itslearning offers teachers endless possibilities to create powerful and engaging lessons and activities for their students – both online and in the classroom.

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"itslearning is an important instructional delivery and collaboration tool across all levels of our district, and our partnership assures us that we have implemented the most robust learning management system available for educators and students alike."

Mike Evans
Director of Information and Instructional Support Systems
Forsyth County Schools, GA

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