Courses for administrators and curriculum developers

School Leadership Package

This one-day session is for school and district administrators (principals, vice-principals, curriculum coaches, etc.) We recognize that it is important for leadership to develop and reinforce structures that identify, protect and celebrate instructional practices that are conducive to powerful personalized and blended learning. In this training, we look at how to utilize the platform for district and school productivity and accountability. Leaders will learn how to recognize the effective application of technology and utilize the platform to boost teacher and student achievement. Participants will:

  • Build professional learning communities
  • Create online/blended professional development modules
  • Share resources and communicate with staff and parents
  • Mentor teachers and create online professional learning plans
  • Use ePortfolios and blogs as a means of teacher assessment
  • Access user reports and assess teacher effectiveness and platform usage

Instructional Design and Delivery

In this one-day session, participants will identify best practices for instructional design and delivery in personalized and blended learning environments. This session is designed for users who will be developing course content and instructional materials (instructional designers, curriculum coaches, and/or teachers.) Participants will:

  • Identify pedagogical considerations for today’s learning environments
  • Apply course design principles to maximize higher-order thinking skills
  • Tackle technical features specific to course design and template sharing from a district or school level
  • Incorporate strategies that maximize student engagement, collaboration, and creativity
  • Utilize the platform to create personal learning pathways and differentiate instruction

Coaching and Mentoring

Following initial training on the platform, our professional consultants will provide ongoing coaching, mentoring and support to assist teachers as they move from traditional teaching methods toward a personalized instructional approach.

Our team will work with school level staff to guide them through the process of creating engaging learning experiences and personalized instruction for students via the itslearning platform.

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