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“When you focus on the standards, all of a sudden, it becomes evident which standard the student doesn’t master, and it doesn’t get overlooked … it doesn’t get ignored.”

Ruth Allen, Instructional Technology Specialist, Forsyth County Schools (GA)

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itslearning supports
Standards Based Learning

Move beyond traditional gradebook reporting toward feedback on standards-based mastery and more personalized instruction.

Report progress against individual standards
A student might have scored well overall, but not have mastered a standard that could be critical for future learning. These are areas in which you can identify opportunities for remediation and recommendation.

Keep stakeholders up to date
Provide visibility of standards mastery to all stakeholders via personal dashboards in itslearning.

Share progress with stakeholders
Students, teachers, administrators, mentors and parents can view student progress, upcoming assignments and class announcements via their personalized dashboard. A dedicated Parent Portal allows parents to choose individual students among siblings in order to track progress.

Align your curriculum
itslearning allows you to align instruction and assessments to district, state, and Common Core standards.

Personalize instruction
Finding the time to choose and personalize activities for corrective instruction (or enrichment) is challenging. At the click of a button, itslearning automatically recommends personalized activities for each student according to their preferred learning style, while still allowing teachers to choose which activities are most appropriate.

Align instruction and assessments to standards
Facilitate and track mastery of district, state and Common Core standards with itslearning’s award-winning personalized learning platform. Assign standards to lessons and rubrics so that students can easily access learning objectives and choose how to show their understanding.

Monitor Student Performance
With flexible reporting options, itslearning gives you the ability to monitor student progress and performance towards mastery of standards.

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