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Combine new methods with state-of-the art tools that your students will use to learn with you.

itslearning offers powerful tools to bring real-world content, context, and problems into the classroom to engage all learners.

  • The course planner, multimedia tools, and integrated web 2.0 applications make it easy for teachers to vary teaching methods and structure exciting courses that use multimedia demonstrations, simulations, group projects, and visuals to make learning relevant.
  • Project rooms give students the same tools to work with their peers on projects, including rigorous rubrics for assessment.
  • Text and video conferencing enable teachers to easily connect students with a diverse range of experts around the world bringing new resources and perspectives into the classroom.
  • Online discussion tools and blogs provide opportunities to develop a stronger classroom community and enable students to find their own voice .
  • Mentoring roles enable teachers and a wider “network of help” to provide timely and relevant feedback and inspiration