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"itslearning lets the teachers focus on what is important – the learning."

Connie White, Technology & Learning Director, Lakeview Academy (GA)

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itslearning supports
Teacher Effectiveness

Become a more productive teacher, and add more teaching time to the school day.

Share workloads and best practice

Shareable planners and rubrics help teachers share ideas and the workload.

Simplify access with a one-stop shop

Access lessons, digital content, and gradebooks with a single login on any device, using any platform.

Have more time to teach

Add more teaching time to the day with features that support blended learning and flipped classroom techniques.

Streamline lesson planning

Save lesson preparation time and promote best practices by sharing template courses.

From lesson planning to reporting

Teachers spend a considerable amount of their day planning lessons, copying and distributing papers, tracking student attendance, grading assignments and assessments, and completing a dizzying amount of administrative tasks. Help your teachers keep everything straight, and become more efficient with one place to house and manage it all – itslearning.

Streamline assessment and grading

Make assessments and grading more efficient with tests that can be cloned, modified and marked automatically; surveys and polls for quick opinions, show what you know and exit tickets; and ePortfolios that showcase student work over time – all in one location with one login.

Simplify communications

Personal dashboards make it easy for teachers, parents and students to view upcoming tasks and assignments for all courses, announcements, and reports of student progress against objectives, all with no extra effort from the teacher.

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