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“itslearning lets children use the digital tools they’re used to, such as YouTube, messaging and discussion forums, in a safe environment.”

John Murdin,
Deputy Head, Eastfield Primary School

itslearning helps you engage your students’ imaginations.

Inspire students to study, share, collaborate

Today’s students communicate through Twitter, share photos on Facebook and keep up to date through blogs. itslearning lets them use these skills in a safe, school-controlled educational setting.

Help every student achieve

Meet the needs of diverse learners by using groups to assign tasks to different students based on ability, allowing students to choose how to show what they know, and providing feedback in their preferred learning styles (audio, video, written).

Adapt instruction

Polls, surveys and discussion boards provide multiple opportunities to check for student understanding and adapt instruction accordingly.

Facilitate standards mastery

Link assignments and assessments to standards, analyze student performance against individual standards, and use itslearning’s automated content recommendation engine for remediation and review.

Automatic reporting and grading

itslearning automates the routine tasks you have to do every day – such as grade reporting and setting and collecting assignments – so you have more time to focus on what you love: teaching.

Share resources with just one click

Promote best practices and lighten your workload by sharing resources and lessons with other teachers at your school or through the worldwide itslearning community. Assign standards and keywords to resources for quick access to learning objects.

Keep parents in the loop

itslearning's Parent Portal makes it easy for you to update parents on student progress, upcoming assignments and class announcements, with no extra effort.

Want to know more?

Find out how itslearning benefits students and parents.

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