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Standards Based Learning

itslearning helps teachers and students move beyond traditional gradebook reporting towards feedback on standards-based mastery.

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Personalized Learning

The 2014 CODiE Award winner for 'Best PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution,' itslearning is uniquely positioned to help teachers and students achieve personalization, individualization, and differentiation in teaching and learning and tailors learning objectives, content, method, pace, and environment to each student’s unique learning needs.
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  • Blended Learning

    With itslearning, teachers have the ability to create activities and assignments that cater to a variety of individual learning styles including educational videos, interactive learning games and applications that enable students to make videos, animations, web pages, podcasts, music and much more. All this helps drive student engagement and, ultimately, performance.

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Flipped Classroom

Enable students to learn new content at their own pace and 'replay' lessons, coursework, and assessments as needed.

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  • BYOD and 1:1

    A best-in-class vehicle for content and coursework delivery, itslearning helps bridge the gap between content and devices - any device, anywhere, anytime. With multiple options for discussion, feedback and interaction, as well as compatibility with any device and any platform, itslearning helps ensure that all students have access to course materials and a highly collaborative learning space.

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  • Assessment for Learning

    When students are given clear learning targets, frequent, meaningful feedback, and opportunities for self- and peer-assessment, achievement soars. With itslearning, teachers have access to a variety of features that allow them to adapt teaching according to student need, and advance learners through their learning journey with outstanding results!

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Teacher Effectiveness

Improve teacher efficiency, effectiveness, and add more teaching time to the school day.

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  • Flipped Classroom

    Enable students to learn new content at their own pace and 'replay' lessons, coursework, and assessments as needed. itslearning turns the classroom into a collaborative learning lab where students collaboratively create content, share ownership of learning, and reinforce knowledge through activity, discussion, and application.

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  • Communication and Collaboration

    Provide students with clear learning objectives, comment on individual learning criteria, and educate parents about why students have been assigned a particular project by using rubrics. Learning objectives progress and other reports keep all stakeholders updated on student progress and motivate students to keep moving forward toward their learning goals.

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“Technology doesn't promote strong teaching practice. Technology that supports strong pedagogy does, however. At the end of the day, we need our teachers using tools that provide them with the best opportunity to APPLY best practice in their classrooms - itslearning helps us do just that.”

Martha Barwick,
Coordinator of Instructional Technology
Harford County Public Schools, MD

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