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"Wayland School Committee: Handling new digital world"

"Technology has greatly enhanced the ability of our learning community to collaborate. Teachers are able to share relevant content with other teachers, students interact with peers to problem-solve, and parents are more easily able to express concerns and monitor student progress.

itslearning, the schools’ digital learning platform, has become an integral part of school operations. Both Wayland Middle School and High School teachers use it for everything from sharing materials to completing training modules. Teachers can collaborate with one another on the development of the curriculum, as well as post weekly agendas, homework and learning materials for students.

“Flipped classroom” video learning is also on the rise. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home, before the class session, so that in-class time can be devoted to relevant exercises, projects or discussions about what was learned.

Teachers can also communicate with students outside the classroom and answer questions about homework or review projects and writing assignments. All these efforts lead to better integration of the curriculum across all content areas."

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