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Managing Assessment for Learning

How can teachers use a learning platform to put the theory into practice in a busy school? In this whitepaper, you will learn what makes good assessment, how good assessment can raise grades and teaching quality, and you’ll see how four schools are making assessment for learning work in their classrooms.

10 Principles for Successful E-learning

E-learning cost-effectively improves learning experiences beyond those available in the classroom. It allows students facing economic, family, physical or geographic constraints to learn online - and gives all students the chance to augment their education through hybrid or fully online courses. This whitepaper lays out the 10 principles you need to follow for successful e-learning.

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12 Benefits to Learning Platforms

How learning platforms support the business of teaching and learning.
What can a learning platform do for students, teachers and schools to benefit teaching and learning? This paper looks at 12 key benefits, giving examples from real schools using the itslearning platform in Europe and the US.

Blended Learning and Learning Platforms

With the rise of online technology, the modern classroom is changing – and one of the biggest changes is blended learning. But what is blended learning? And how is it different from what you’ve done before?

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Teaching Multiple Intelligences with itslearning

Variety: the spice of life and learning
How can time-pressed teachers add variety to their teaching – and appeal to learners who learn in different ways? This paper looks at how to use itslearning to apply the theory of multiple intelligences in class – giving quick and practical tips that a teacher can put into practice tomorrow.

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