Not all learning platforms and providers are created equally.

Here’s why districts around the world have selected itslearning:

Focus on K-12

Developed specifically for K-12 classrooms, itslearning incorporates streamlined curriculum management functionality, and focuses on proven pedagogical strategies that drive student-centered learning.

"itslearning allows students to take control of their learning and be engaged while doing so. Our Universal Design for Learning concepts come to life, students are more engaged, and are learning through methods that interest them."

Margaret Denton, Teacher, Bartholomew Consolidated Schools, IN

Explore the benefits of itslearning

See how itslearning benefits different people in your school system.

Discover how to use itslearning for personalization, standards-based learning and more.

Partner in Change Management

We draw on our experience in project and change management to develop long-term partnerships with districts.

"With the assistance of the itslearning implementation team, we have now aggregated over 1 million learning objects from various publishers in our district’s library. itslearning is now the central repository for content and resources used by teachers and students, and allows parents to share information and collaborate in the education process."

Beatriz Arnillas, Director of Education Technology, Houston Independent School District, TX

Best in class functionality

We provide best-in-class functionality to help drive achievement; including standards mastery reporting, recommendation engine for remediation and review, master course templates and planner, personal dashboards with automatic updates, and rubrics for assignments and activities.

"What’s important as a parent is that itslearning is a communication tool. There’s no doubt about which assignments are due, when they’re due, and how they’re supposed to be delivered."

Bill Kaufman, Parent, Lambert High School, Suwanee, GA

Integrations and implementations

Whether you need to share data with your Student Information System (SIS), data warehouse, or other system, we work closely with you to develop and execute an integration plan that ensures the best possible process and outcomes.

"Our learning hub, itslearning, helps teachers plan, access district resources and promote student-centered learning."

Michele Eaton, Virtual Learning Specialist, Wayne Township, IN


High Adoption by Teachers

Finally, itslearning is a platform your teachers will actually use. With professional development offered in a blended learning format directly in the platform, users will know exactly what is possible when they begin using the live system for the first time.

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