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The role of itslearning in K-12

Improving retention, graduation rates & student satisfaction

The regular use of learning management systems in K-12 education correlates with higher retention, completion and satisfaction among students, and their parents! Teachers use itslearning because it saves them time giving them more time to focus on higher order planning activities. 

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Developing creativity through the curriculum

itslearning provides the technology, tools and professional development that make it easy to create a connected, personalized learning environment that challenges students to practice problem-solving, to work together and to use creativity to construct, share, and present their ideas.

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Making it easy to engage students

Many young people already create personalized learning environments for themselves outside of school using digital resources. itslearning makes it easy for teachers to create a media-rich, personalized learning environment that engages today’s ”digitally wired” students.

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Supporting learning anytime, anywhere

Today’s students expect to learn in the classroom, in the library, at home and online. itslearning helps teachers integrate learning into the student’s lives through an integrated suite of tools that are accessible anywhere and anytime.

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Supporting Student-Centered Education

Education is all about the student. So, why would you implement a Learning Management System that is all about the course? itslearning was founded in 1999 to introduce a learning platform that would truly support student-centered education.

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Building mentoring programs for personalized learning

Research consistently shows that mentoring has a positive impact on student achievement and builds strong connections with adults. itslearning, inc. stands ready to help recruit, train and supervise volunteers from your community to act as mentors for students.

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Meeting individual student needs

Schools must simultaneously meet the needs of individual students and all students. itslearning provides an environment that is flexible and adaptable so teachers and schools can respond quickly to the ever changing needs of all students.

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Delivering the services needed to ensure success

Everybody needs a little help to get going. itslearning delivers the training, integration, content migration and support to make every client successful. For over ten years, itslearning has dedicated itself to making sure that its learning platform is useful in the K-12 environment.

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